The 3 Biggest Causes Of Stress


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Wherever you are in the world though there are recurring themes and the biggest causes of stress seem to keep cropping up. Here I will discuss the top 3 biggest causes of stress.

You knew this was going to be one didn't you! I could have classed this as ‘worry', but I think that money is such a key factor in all peoples lives that it deserved its own section. Money in my mind is top of the biggest causes of stress, people who don't have it worry about getting it, people who do have it worry about losing it, and people in the middle worry about both! It can break down families, relationships, ruin friendships, bring out the worst in people or the best, it is a double-edged sword.

Biting off more than you can chew (or being given it)
Not being able to cope is also one of the biggest causes of stress as we feel powerless, and we all hate to be powerless in a situation. We have all done this at one point or another, either we have agreed to do something and it is more than we expected, or someone (like your boss) has given you more than you can cope with.

Whether the deadlines are self-imposed (consciously or sub-consciously) or out of our control, having a deadline looming is third in my list of the biggest causes of stress. The deadlines you encounter in life are varied, getting to work on time, making sure you catch that train, getting the dinner on in time, catching the start of your favourite TV programme. I bet you didn't think you had so many deadlines did you? Well these can all cause stress, mostly if you look like you are not going to achieve them!

So those are the top 3 biggest causes of stress that plague modern society (and probably most of history in some form or another) so what can you do about them?

Look out for my upcoming article on how to banish the biggest causes of stress from your life forever!

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