How To Be Creative & Be Happy – Getting The Support You Need

Dan Goodwin

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We all have inside us all the resources and knowledge we’ll ever need to lead a creative and happy life.

We’ve seen and experienced creativity and happiness often enough to what are they are. We know what’s good for us and what we’d like more of. And we know what isn’t good for us and what we need to reduce.

The difficulty lies in getting through all the surface static and tapping into this knowledge.

As we’re each unique creative people, we each have a unique recipe for a creative and happy life.

But there are some basic ingredients that are needed for everyone’s recipe.

Today we’re going to focus on one of the most important.

Getting the support you need is essential for a life of creativity and happiness.

So what does “getting the support you need” actually mean?

All of us who lead creative lives naturally have peaks and lulls.

When we’re on a creative high, we can easily create to our heart’s content and need little or no outside encouragement or input.

During the more difficult times though, very few of us can create in complete isolation and rely totally on our own reservoirs of motivation to get us through.

This is where support - and a support network - become so valuable and important.

A collection of people – our own personal team of enthusiastic cheerleaders.

Those we know we can trust and rely upon to encourage us, tell us we’re doing ok, and keep us moving and creating, especially in the more challenging times.

Having a support network works on two basic levels.

Firstly, it helps continually drip feed our creative confidence and our creative self-esteem.

Regular meetings and check ins with your colleagues, friends, or creativity coach help you maintain a high level of creativity, and stick to healthy, productive habits.

It keeps our creative batteries topped up, our fuel gauge in the black.

Secondly, our support network is there to catch us when we fall.

When we have those inevitable lulls, when we feel everything we create is worthless and pathetic, there’s someone there to talk to.

Someone to reassure us, tell us it’s ok, we’re not going insane.

Someone to listen, ask the right questions and give practical advice.

What happens when we don’t have this support?

Quite simply, our levels of creativity drop significantly.

It doesn’t pay to be TOTALLY dependent on others, and we should do all we can to build our creative confidence in a number of different ways.

But if we lack support completely, pretty soon we’ll simply grind to a halt, unable to sustain the levels of creative energy and motivation and encouragement that we get when we have a support network in place.

So how can you get the support your creativity needs?

Take a good look at the support network you have in place around you.

How strong is it? How many people are genuinely committed to supporting you and have your best interests at heart?

Are there any people you need to see less of or not see at all, as they’re a constant negative drain on your creativity?

How else can you find support from like minded creative people?

What are you going to do TODAY to get the support you need for your creativity?

Start right now, assess your current support structure and look at the many ways you can make it even stronger.

By doing this, you’ll be giving yourself one of the essential ingredients for a creative and happy life.

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