Do You Think It Cannot Be Done - Never Give Up

Steve Seah

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All of us at one time or another uttered this statement. “It can't be done. ” Let us talk about a person who heard this statement all through his life but he always believed that one could do anything if one is determined and focused to the task.

It was the year 1883, an engineer John Roebling got an idea. He wanted to build a bridge that could connect New York with the Long Island. Now, you ask yourself what would be the reaction that one would have to hear if you try to do something new. Yes, that is what our engineer heard.

This is an impossible task

It can't be done

It is not practical

It has never been done before

You would do well to forget it

Engineers all around the world said that this was an impossible task and he would do well to forget it. But he didn’t and couldn’t forget his idea. He shared his idea with his son, Washington who was also an engineer. And he was successful in convincing his son (after a lot of discussion and persuasion) that the bridge could be constructed. Now both of them sat down and started finalizing the project as to how this project could be completed.

Crew was hired and the process of realization of dream was started. Just after a few months an accident on the site killed John Roebling and left Washington crippled for life. He could walk and he could talk or move. Now, what would be the reactions of people after this?

We told him so!!

Crazy dreams always end up like this

How foolish to go on wild goose chase

See what he has brought his life to

And after all only the father son duo knew how the bridge could be built and that is why all felt that the bridge project should be scraped. There was only one man who didn't feel so. Yes, Washington! He had a dream and he was going to realize it. As he lay on his bed in the hospital, he could see the sky and the trees outside. And he felt alive again. He could just move one finger and that is what he used to maximum impact.

He developed a code of communication with that one finger with his wife. It took a long time but at last he succeeded in developing this unique way of communication. He told her to call the engineers and used this way of communication with his wife to communicate to the engineers what needs to be done. The reactions that he got were as expected.

He is again doing a foolishness

He has still not learnt from his mistakes

When he falls again, he would understand

But as usual our Washington didn’t listen to anyone and the work started. It took 13 years of continuous tapping of fingers by Washington to his wife till the bridge was finally completed. And yes, we call it the Brooklyn Bridge!

Successful people are not the ones who face the least trouble in lives. Successful people are the ones who know how to come out of hopeless situation in triumph in the most adverse situations. And as the saying goes, “Winners never quit and quitters never win!” You tell me how many excuses do you make not to go after your dreams?

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