The Secret And The Law of Attraction As It Relates To World Hunger, Murder and Rape

Claudia McNeely

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Everyone today is talking about the movie ‘The Secret’. If you are one of the few who has not heard about this movie, it teaches that we create our reality with our words, thoughts and emotions.

There is a lot of criticism about the movie. Some people are horrified that anyone would suggest that someone who has been murdered, raped, died of starvation, etc. chose that experience. But, the truth is that we have chosen everything that has happened to us. (See my article ’I Chose to Experience This?’)

My daughter, Samantha, was critically ill most of her 22 years. She would not have consciously chosen to have that experience. She would not have consciously chosen to be unable to breathe, to experience excruciating gallbladder pain or to die at such a young age.

I would not have consciously chosen to have a disabled, critically ill child; an unhappy marriage and chronic pain. But, I have no doubt that I did chose to have all of these experiences.

Our time on this Earth is only a tiny portion of who we truly are and what our Soul has experienced. We have each lived many lifetimes. I personally have memories of thousands of lifetimes on the Earth, and countless lifetimes in other realities, other planets, other dimensions.

Particles of Spirit (God, Creator, etc. ) chose to separate from the Source and experience all that it could. These particles of Spirit are our Souls. As we have experiences, we progress, or ascend. The thought is that we will eventually experience enough to be able to return to join Source, taking all these experiences back with us.

When I do Past Life Readings for clients, they are usually appalled to learn that they have experienced lifetimes as a prostitute, murderer, etc. They cannot believe that they would choose to have an experience such as that.

But, the truth is, our Soul chooses to have those experiences. Our Soul chooses lessons for us to learn in each lifetime. Living is all about learning lessons. If we are not learning something, we will cease to exist.

We cannot have compassion for someone with chronic pain if at some time we have not experienced chronic pain ourselves. We cannot have compassion for a murderer unless at some point we have had that experience for ourselves. We cannot know what that experience feels like unless we experience it from all levels. Our Soul chooses what experiences we will have in each lifetime so that we can learn the lessons that need to be learned.

I will use my daughter Samantha as an example. In her last lifetime, she was a wild child of the 60’s. She took drugs in that lifetime and eventually died of a drug overdose. She did not honor her body. In other lifetimes, she was very intellectual and did not have emotional involvements. She kept others at a distance. Because of these lifetimes, her Soul chose that she would be disabled in this lifetime. She would be unable to care for herself and would have to be cared for by others. Since she couldn’t move on her own, she would be forced to allow others to touch her and care for her. Since she could not use her intelligence, she would have to focus more on her emotions.

Samantha’s life was a testament to these lessons that her Soul chose to learn. It was not an easy lifetime for her, but she learned and taught so much by experiencing it.

As for myself, in one lifetime on Atlantis, I was a scientist and Samantha was a human/animal hybrid. I used her for experimentation. I would place electrodes in her brain and see how she reacted to them. I kept her alive so that I could experiment on her. My Soul agreed to share this experience with her in this lifetime so that I could take care of her properly to make amends for the pain I had caused her in that lifetime.

Consciously, we would never have chosen to have these experiences. This lifetime was hard on both of us. But, the lessons that were learned made it all worthwhile. I do not regret a moment that I shared with Samantha. I enjoy the moments we continue to share as she teaches me about life after death. Our Souls knew what they were doing when they planned this lifetime and we both grew from the experiences.

Using our free will, we created our reality based on the choices that were made by our Soul. We could have felt sorry for ourselves and allowed the crises we experienced to ruin our lives, but we chose to be survivors instead. Our feelings and thoughts allowed this lifetime to be a bit easier than it could have been.

This is how ‘The Secret’ works. We use this wonderful information to create the best life we can based on the lessons our Soul has chosen for us.

The person who experiences rape, murder or hunger in this lifetime is learning lessons for the growth of the Soul. These lessons are not easy, they are really hard; but they are very necessary for the Soul to experience and to grow.

Rev. Claudia McNeely DD is a gifted and caring Psychic/Healer. With the assistance of Angels, Guides and Master Healers, she will tell you exactly what she sees and feels instead of what you want to hear. Her Clairvoyant Readings are very accurate and insightful. She can help you to understand where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.

She provides accurate Psychic Readings and Alternative Healing using the assistance of Guides, Angels and Master Healers. She is certified in many healing modalities including Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and Emotional Healing. She has experience in Shamanic Healing, Transpersonal Counseling, Past Life Therapy, Entity Removal, House Cleansing and much more.

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