The Truth About Stress Relief Techniques


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You may be familiar with the saying that our brain has a mind of its own, and that can certainly seem true at times. People that are worn out and tired from busy schedules and stress feel like their mind never shuts off and they can't escape from the things that are putting on the pressure. Managing stress, however, can focus on either the body or the brain, and finding a solution to unwinding might not all be just in your head.

One of the biggest complaints from people dealing with a lot of tension is that they feel tired and worn out. Many begin sleeping more than usual and think resting is going to help, but in fact, sleeping and resting too much tends to make people feel even more lethargic. Exercise gets the body moving and plenty of chemical reactions in your brain because of physical activity will give an energy boost and help you feel better. Becoming more physical doesn't mean you need to subscribe to the gym - just taking a daily walk around the block can help your mood and make you feel energized. If you don't feel like going outside, small workouts at home can do just the trick.

Doing aerobic exercise is a popular choice when it comes to stress relief, because they are very low impact and do not require much upper body strength. This means that nearly anyone can do aerobics, regardless of their age or fitness level. Yoga and other stretching exercises are also excellent for stress relief. Stretching pulls your muscles in ways they are not used normally, forcing them to go through their full range of motion. Doing this gets your blood flowing without breaking a sweat. It has been shown that stretching can wake you up and improves creativity among people who do it consistently. Pushups and sit-ups are always an option as well. Regardless of what physical activity you choose to manage your stress level, the important thing is that you give yourself an outlet for extra energy and get your body active so your mind can relax.

Stress also has a strong effect on your mind. It wears you down and keeps you from truly enjoying yourself. While you must put your mind to dealing with the source of your stress at some point, mental distractions can be a great stress relief, and are necessary for everyone, regardless of their stress level. Your distractions need to be something that can help you relax and get your mind off of everything that is getting you down. Many people like to read, listen to music, play chess or other games, or just enjoy the company of family or friends. Hobbies can also be a great stress relief, just be careful not to partake in a hobby that has a tendency to frustrate you, or you may be feeling even more stressed than you were before.

Balancing your techniques to help both mind and body at once is the most effective. Applying stress management techniques to only one area of your being won't do as good a job as giving yourself mental distractions combined with exercise. Finding what works for you to keep stress levels at a manageable level is important, so try a variety of combinations until you find the one that's right for you.

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Stress Management and Relief Techniques - Quit Running from Bears!
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