Does Your Compelling Offer Sing or Dance?

Liz Pabon

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We're all looking for that edge. That something ‘extra’ that will make us stand out amongst the sea of choices that our clients and customers are presented with.

While watching the 2006 release of Happy Feet, I was reminded that the land of business and the land of Emperor Penguins have much in common.

Let me explain. . .

In the land of Emperor Penguins, all penguins sing and each finds their own special song (their heart song) to attract their soul mate.

To succeed in business, a special song (your compelling offer) is what attracts new and repeat business to you on a continual basis. Yet, instead of searching for and presenting your unique heart song, many business owners try to duplicate someone else's.

You've seen them; sales pages, brochures, email messages, all claiming to provide you with the ‘magic pill’ when in fact, they look and sound exactly like the previous empty promise made by another vendor.

In business, your compelling offer should not only consist of an unfulfilled need you know your target market has, but should be delivered in a way that is unique to you and your brand.

The hero of Happy Feet, Mambo, can't sing, not a lick, which is a shock to his clan. So much so, that he is banned from his home because instead of singing like all the other penguins, he dances to express his heart.

Many business owners want to stand out as long as they can still fit in. It's a belief based on the fear of being different.

Instead of tapping into the unique talents and skills you already posses (and designing your offer around that) you search for a way to take what everyone else is doing and make it slightly different without excluding anyone. Does that sound authentically compelling to you?

The thing is, we've all been there in our business. It's not until you slow down, assess your unique and compelling proposition and then deliver that message with your own brand flair that you cross the hurdle of sameness.

If you're at all concerned about excluding prospective clients and customers understand this brand truth. . . your brand is not a perfect match for everyone. Identify your perfect match and then design your message to attract them. You will only exclude those that aren't right for you and your business. I promise you, this is a much easier model to follow.

The character of Mambo teaches us that only when you truly accept your special talents, skills and quirks will you gain that edge you seek. And who knows, once you do that, you too might start an entire revolution and be the hero of your market!

Here's to finding your heart song.

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