Joyful Attraction - Use the Key to "The Secret"

Dr. Iris Fanning

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The Spiritual Law of Attraction has come into focus due in part to the movie The Secret and Oprah's television shows featuring the movie. Many of us have implemented this Spiritual Principle in our lives for years.

About every decade or so there seems to be a new, current teacher that reaches many more millions of people with spiritual Truth. It is thrilling to see more people awaken to spiritual principles. It is exciting for those who have practiced these principles to receive a fresh breath of renewal as these laws are communicated in new ways.



What do you want? It's ok to want anything and to start vibrating closer to our joy channel or our real selves. You DO deserve your wants. When you attract your wants you experience more joy, peace and fulfillment. You come closer to your Real Self. When you are in joy you cannot feel insecure, lack or defeat. You do not need to make excuses to anyone to deserve your wants. Understand that this is an abundant universe and that you having what you want does NOT create a lack for others.


The Magic Valve - Find the FEEEEELING place of your want. When did you last feel joyful, alive and vibrant? Can we experience that FEEEEEELING with out something major happening? In The Secret, feeling is described as your Inner Guidance System.

* How open or closed is your feel good valve. Is it like a fire hose or a faucet with a drip? What we want is the high-vibration flow of feeling alive, up, vibrant, energetic, excited, turned on, joyous!

* Like a fire hose, the pressure and energy is always there, we simply have to tap into it. Conditions don't mean a thing. You always have the choice of what you think about and dwell on. You can choose from unpleasant to pleasant any time.

Now, practice experiencing this for 15 second intervals throughout the day-breakfast, lunch, dinner or every time you drive or take a sip of a beverage. Focus on what you want while you are in a state of joy, excitement, enthusiasm, gratitude and love.


God Is With YOU! Expect it, listen and allow the universe to bring it to you. Trust your inner guidance. This takes being quiet and listening. The natural cycle is listening, focus on wants, feel terrific, intend/believe, and do.

Keep track of your results. As you practice this process, you'll find that results come easier and with less time between the wanting and the experiencing. Give thanks as you receive your heart's desires!


Life Coaching is just that. A global look at your life, how to intentionally create what you want in all areas. Clients work with me to: create a balance; enjoy their work; improve their relationships; become the president of their company; determine their next life chapter; improve their productivity; become exceptional leaders; find great employees; reduce stress; become excellent communicators; set boundaries; raise standards; and simply enjoy their life.

While spirituality is rarely brought directly into our sessions most people begin to ask the BIG questions. “What is my life purpose? Why am I here? Does it have to be this hard? Isn't there more to life?" We often explore these life questions. During my work I silently hold for my clients the following unspoken beliefs:

* You are far greater than even you believe you are.

* Life is meant to be joyous and fun.

* We all have “something" to deal with. That something can include: health problems; parents; weight; money; love relationships; work; addictions; etc. etc.

* Your “something" is NOT an excuse for a miserable life.

* You can take a long or short time to get over your “something. " It's your choice.

* Your point of power is NOW! Learning new ways of thinking, feeling, behaving and being NOW is a key to a great life.

* The higher the level you live at the more joyful, abundant, happy and at peace you become.

* The higher level you live at, the more you inspire others by simply being yourself.

* We are infused with God/Love/Spirit/Divine. The definition of infused is: “Implies the introduction of a quality that fills and permeates the whole being for the better.

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