Daily Motivation: What is Your Source?

Shauna Arthurs

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Sometimes we feel more motivated than at other times. Our sense of inspiration and energy can be affected – if we let it – by many factors, such as the people around us, whether we eat well and/or exercise, as well as circumstances and events that occur in our lives.

However, did you know that this is not necessary and instead you could be constantly in creation mode rather than reaction mode?

We have all heard that our thoughts create our circumstances, and that ‘no one can hurt us without our permission’, but do you really believe this? Do you place any blame on people and things around you for what you are feeling and what you are – or are not – accomplishing?

Taking responsibility for our entire world is how we can break free of this trap, and begin consciously using the ‘magic’ of creation. It’s an entirely different way of living.

What does this have to do with motivation?

It’s all connected. When we abdicate responsibility by blaming others for the ‘bad’ things that happen, or for ‘making us’ feel bad in some way, we are giving away our power. When we decide that WE are responsible, we take that power back; the power to choose our responses and our thoughts; the power to change. With this power comes an enormous amount of motivation. This type of motivation can only be found within; it is a result of holding our power firmly where it belongs.

In this way, we remind ourselves that we are in control of how we respond to any given set of inputs, and we can make these choices even more easily by deciding ahead of time what is important to us, and how we wish to BE. For example, rather than reacting every time someone says something that would normally trigger anger in us, let’s say we decided in a session of deep contemplation and goal-setting that we intend to remain calm and reasonable in all circumstances, and to wait at least 60 seconds before speaking when provoked or annoyed. Would we not therefore stand a much higher chance of behaving in ways – making choices – that serve our higher goals and visions of ourselves? Would it also not stand to reason that the outcome of such situations could be drastically different – and more positive – than when we are living in reaction mode?

Our motivation comes from within, and is fired by the exciting knowledge that we can control our destiny…the unexpected will come our way, but when we control our reactions based on pre-determined goals and decisions, our lives open up to unlimited possibilities , and are no longer at the whim of external forces.

This is excerpted from the Breathing Prosperity blog , and can also be found, along with many other motivational articles, atDaily Motivation.

Shauna Arthurs is a writer/editor, business consultant and Co-founder/owner of a network of web-based businesses, including Breathing Prosperity.com.


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