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Putting The Past Behind You


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Everyone has a past. There is no one alive today who does not have one thing or the other in his or her past, which he/she wished were otherwise. Even for the high flyers and achievers, the story is the same. There are issues, events and happenstances that were not pleasant or favorable and that they wished had never happened before.

It could be emotional, financial, marital, or in some other area of life. At one time or the other, they have experienced a bad turn in their lives.

For many people, however, they seem to live perpetually in the past. They continue to relive those past memories, events as if they just happened. And they don’t let go of those memories, but rather prefer to play them over and over in their minds.

These people are tied to the negative experiences that they have been through and are not willing to let go.

That is not the way to overcome and to win in life. The way to win is to put the past behind you.

If you have been going through a bad turn in any area of your life, don’t let it hold you down. If your love life has been battered or shattered, don’t let it get you depressed. Simply move on with your life. I know it’s easier said than done, but you just need to move on, and refuse to allow the bad experience to disrupt your life.

You might think the whole world is against you when you are down. But as you move on, you will get to see that the whole world is not against you. Rather, you would get so much support and encouragement from many people around.

Don’t allow the past to get you down. Move on with your life and you will soon get over the crisis.

Alan Prince writes from his interactions with hundreds of men and women who have been through the romance or dating scams. His research work and advice has been the basis of unraveling most of the methods of operation of how the romance scams operate. You can learn more about the scams at

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