Mice or Men

Ian Crossley

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When I was a lad the family unit was entirely different not only did families try and stay together the structure was more organised. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that things were perfect back then but they were different. One of the main differences was that 1 person (Dad) could earn enough money to run the house and raise the kids, there was no CPI or inflation or any other posh words to tell you that prices were unstable, in fact price signs and adverts were made of metal and enamelled , the sign declaring that bread was 6d a loaf (5c) was hanging on the bakers wall for almost my entire childhood.

I will never forget the day that my Mum sent me to the village store with 2shillings (20c) to buy a loaf some butter and some Brooke Bond divi tea, I gave the lady the money and she said “You need another tuppence bread and tea have both gone up a penny each" Well I went home and told my Mum and you would have thought that someone had stabbed her, she shouted and screamed and implied that I may be tricking her into getting some extra money. When she realised it was true it was a talking point for weeks. The point is that today we accept price fluctuations daily and manufacturers just alter prices at will. One person in a normal situation can no longer support a family and usually with Mum and Dad working you still only seem to standstill. All this extra pressure that seems to have crept up on us over the years has created enormous stress and strain on the family unit. Coupled with this we have the instant gratification generation where instant is best a purchase of a car or the food we eat no one seems to want to wait or save and dream about a possession any more. In some instances the thing we buy has long gone before we finish paying for it.

We give mice in a cage a wheel to play on to amuse them, its called a treadmill. Politicians and successive governments have done exactly the same for us. We are all on a tread mill and it seems that if we stop things will go wrong, so we are conditioned to keep running and we are also taught that the faster we run the better things will be. We are not taught to think and plan we are not taught that what we are blindly chasing MAY NOT be what we really want we are not taught how to handle difficult situations we are not taught that family and friends are much more important than money and power and so the list goes on, basically keep your head down and your bum up, keep plodding away and keep in line with all the others who are doing exactly the same.

Just take five, stand back and look at things, is there anything you would change? If so, make today the day that you actually decide to reprogramme your mind to do it. We are very clever at kidding ourselves, look at every New Years Eve. Total whitewash, we have great intentions, but NO ACTION. After we lie to ourselves, we then create a valid reason why we could not do it. Use these creative powers to advance your life. Possibly for the first time make a stretch and decide to do something with total comittment. You will feel great and any slight change you make today will have enormous effect in a few weeks time.

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