Avoid Getting "Snarled Up" In Details and Save Time


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And that's what every business man is trying to do. So this plan for handling the day's work is almost bound to contain suggestions that may be north your while.

An executive with an eastern company does not allow himself to get snarled up in a mass of detail, because he has developed a definite plan for each day's work.

First of all, when he saw his tasks increasing, he established a statistical department, which has become invaluable to him. “With this supply of information at his command at an instant's notice, he does not have to hold up an expensive proposition while all the facts essential to its completion are gathered from various sources.

This department is really nothing more than an enlarged information file. It keeps this executive in close touch with every branch of his own industry, as well as with market conditions affecting the commodities in which his company deals. It affords him ready access to every feature of operation and maintenance in both the manufacturing and merchandising ends of the business and collects every desirable fact on trade conditions for his use at any time. Articles by financial and trade authorities are also carefully filed for future reference.

As this executive's product is used in finishing new buildings, he has placed on his desk each day tabulations of the building permits issued throughout the country. Thus, without holding long conferences or wondering over business conditions he can tell at a glance just about what the market possibilities for his product are.

On his desk stands a tickler file. Any proposition that can be decided at once is decided at once. He disciplines himself against even a moment's waste of time. If it requires investigation and a report, it is ticketed. to the person who is to handle it, with instructions as to when a reply is expected, and a tickler memorandum, is put under that date.

In order to keep his memoranda distinct and different from all other memoranda in the office, he notes them all in purple pencil. In this way he saves considerable time because he does not have to affix his signature or add any unnecessary explanation. Every assistant and employee knows the source of a purple note. This idea of individual pencil colors is carried out by each department head who uses his own particular color, for instance, one blue, one red, another yellow, and still another green.

The executive allows no business to accumulate on his desk. He never permits himself to become tangled up in any routine which is better understood and handled by his lieutenants - and, since it is better understood, is better executed by them. He has clearly defined departmental policies, and details are thus carried into effect by his subordinates without frequent interruptions to consider unimportant details.

Follow this simple technique, and you'll be able to organize all information you require systematically and saves time.

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