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How to Make a Million Dollars - Step Two

Anja Merret

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Still believing in having a million dollars wander into your bank account with no work involved and it just happens because you imagine it every day? So it has been working for you then? Not really, I would imagine. That is not to say that putting positive thoughts out there, drawing your dream house, spending time every day seeing that money come into your account, won't also help. It will definitely help. It will help especially when you have been working really hard at what you are passionate about and you are still living in your studio apartment, eating baked beans on toast every night. That's when your positive thinking is the most necessary.

If imagining your bank account full of Million Dollars, isn't step two, then what is it? Step two is hard work. That's it. In fact step one, being passionate about something, and hard work could swap places. Or maybe they should both be number one. Hard work without passion will not make you millions of dollars, and passion without hard work will also not do it. Being passionate about something without working at that passion purely means that you are day dreaming. When I was learning to play the piano as a young person, I used to imagine myself playing Beethoven in a concert. But I only practiced a couple of hours a week, and that's because I had to. Although I was passionate about music, loved it and saw myself do well at it, I just never really put the required hard work into it. The wonderful musicians you hear at concert performances whether in the orchestra or as soloists, work at their craft the same hours you work for a boss. They practice seven to ten hours a day. Those amazing skills are not imagined into their lives. They have worked at them. Sure, there are certainly some young people that seem to be able to pick up a skill such as playing the piano or violin easier than others. But they still work extremely hard to acquire the dexterity required.

That all sounds really logical. But you will say to yourself, having read so far, that you work really hard and that you are fairly passionate about what you do. You love your job as a receptionist, book-keeper, manager etc, but it hasn't actually provided you with much of a return. You can barely afford the rent, never mind treat yourself to that new coat you saw at the shop. Why isn't it working for you, you ask yourself. It's not working because just liking something and just working your prerequisite hours of 7 per day, is not going to do the trick. None of the millionaires out there who made their money, did that. They thought, obsessed about, puzzled through new ideas, tried new things, if not at the office then at home, and literally worked on their passion 24/7. They did not put in work at their job for seven hours a day. They put in ten hours a day seven days a week. When they were not at work, they would read and learn and get more knowledgeable on their subject so that they would shine at what they were doing. They were the first ones to do extra time at the job if required and if the opportunity presented itself.

But, you say to yourself, I am a receptionist, book-keeper, road sweeper or whatever other position you could be holding, and no matter how amazing my service could be, I don't think I would get further. Then ask yourself this question. Are you passionate about what you are doing? Does dealing with the clients really make you feel passionate about customer service, are you ecstatic when the books balance at the end of the month, do you love leaving behind a clean street. Or are all of these just things you have to do in order to earn that salary pay cheque at the end of the month? If the answer is, what a stupid question how could one get enthusiastic about answering the phone, then you are not doing something you are passionate about. The person who is passionate about answering the phone, is the one who started an academy to teach people how to answer the phone enthusiastically and has made a million through that. Would you believe that to be possible? It sure is.

If you are ready and willing to make a Million Dollars, then you would need to decide on what makes you passionate, and once you have determined this, then put a huge amount of hard work towards that passion. You will have spent some time before in your life thinking really hard what you would like to do, and you have come up with nothing that excited you. If that describes your life pattern, then why not get some help. It's pointless trying to battle along, not finding what you are looking for, and giving up again, as in the past.

Anja Merret lives in Brighton, UK. She has recently started a blog and writes on issues that interest her from self-improvement, wealth generation, motivational thinking and anything else that amuses her. You are invited to follow her journey on

She now looks after the business interests of her daughter who is a Flash and Accessibility expert at

For more information and some help and inspiration to move forward to great wealth go to here It will provide you with all the boost you need to get started.


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