7 Ways to Raise the Voltage - Live with High-Energy Drive Successfully

J.D. Verhoeff

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Imagine a world where what you do is enjoy life and work is simply a part of your enjoyment? Can you see it yet?

I woke up this morning to cloudy gray skies and drizzling rain, chilling the atmosphere. After I prepared a lovely breakfast of rye muffins, eggs, and grape juice I settled in front of my computer with a nice hot cup of tea. This is my favorite place to write.

I’m not rushing, I’m just enjoying my life, and you’re reading what I love to do.

You can do what you love to do and earn a living doing it too. It doesn’t have to be writing, it can be anything. I’ll show you how.

1. Take a vacation.

Have you ever noticed, the most successful people take time to have fun? They plan vacations into their lives, the keep family time separate from work time, and they enjoy what they do. It’s a choice. Take time out for fun and enjoy your life.

2. Give generously.

Donate to charity. Give to the poor. Tithe to your church. Give generously from your heart. What you have comes from God, it was given to you - give it back. God is your Provider, and He provides plenty. When you see someone in need, give.

3. Forgive those who trespass against you.

Forgive those who owe you a debt so you may be forgiven. When you hold a grudge against your neighbor, you prevent the gift of forgiveness from being given to you. You can’t open your heart and accept the gift of love until you learn to let go of the grudges and forgive.

4. Love without fear.

The love you give comes from an endless storehouse of love. You can love without fear, without worry. There’s more love to give. You’re not limited to a specific amount of love in your life, there’s always more available. Give it away freely.

5. Take care of yourself.

You’re important. You’re a valuable being, created in the image of God. You deserve to be cared for, loved, and provided well, because you are precious and wonderful.

6. Save something for tomorrow.

Because planning ahead is important, keep something for tomorrow. Invest in your future and show good stewardship with your finances. Follow the old principle of owing no-one. Live a life free of debts and encumbrances by planning ahead for any emergency.

7. Do what you love.

Learn to do well that which you love and do it expecting to earn good wages for what you do. Charge what you deserve and always give more than you get. Your value is far above jewels and precious metals, because you are worthy of your pay.

So, where are you at today? Are you feeling low and down, wondering how to get out of the hole, or are you climbing close to the mountain top, hoping you can find a pentacle to rest upon?

Or are you enjoying life?

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© 2007 - J. D. Verhoeff


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