Stress – 8 Tips To Reduce Stress Levels and Take Control


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Stress is a major cause of illness and even death.

If you don’t learn how to mange it and control it your health is seriously in danger.

Let’s look at some simple tips to help you reduce stress and take control of your life.

1. Reduce consumption

Many people who are stressed turn to drugs such as smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs.

While they may seem to help at the time, they actually add to stress so cut them down, or better still stop completely.

2. Check your diet

You won’t fight stress unless you have a healthy diet.

Make sure that you cut down on processed foods and eat naturally from the earth and avoid processed foods. We have written other articles on this so check them out – A good diet is vital to help you manage stress.

3. Prioritize

Feel you have too much to do? Then prioritize!

Put all your tasks in order of importance and do the most important ones first and have them in a diary and work through them in a logical fashion.

Do your most unpleasant tasks as a priority.

You will have to do them eventually so get them out the way and clear your head.

Make a note to do any task that take less than 15 minutes immediately if possible, or at least the same day.

By doing this you will take control of what seems too much to do, manage it and have it in an order of priority.

4. Delegate

If you have too much to do, try and delegate tasks to others.

This may cost you money, but you may save money if it prevents you from doing more worthwhile things.

5. Do other people take up to much of your time?

Many people take on the burden of helping others with their problems and giving advice.

Be careful here, you can’t solve everyone else’s problems if you can’t manage your own life.

There are times to help others but don’t try and help everyone all of the time.

6. Me time

Each day set aside time for you to relax for at least an hour with no distractions.

Do you have your mobile phone constantly on?

Turn it off for a few hours, there are very few calls that can’t wait.


Have a massage, lie in the bath, listen to classical music, whatever relaxes you, do it and simply lose yourself in your thoughts and recharge

7. Gentle Exercise

Exercise is one of the best stress busters, however you may not fancy hours at the gym, but you don’t have to.

You can incorporate your exercise into your daily routine.

You only need half an hour a day.

Do the housework as a workout, walk briskly to work, rather than driving, walk up the stairs rather than using the elevator.

Simple ways to keep healthy and they can be easily done as part of your normal working day.

8. Learn to breathe correctly

One of the best ways to beat stress is to do some breathing exercises. Just ten minutes a day is all you need to calm and energize your body.

Check out our other articles for simple breathing techniques.

Managing stress is a combination of having a strong healthy body and getting your mind to order:

Sort your tasks, prioritize them and let go of tasks that take up to much time, or can be delegated.

If you do the above you will manage stress, be healthier, happier and achieve more.


On all aspects of self improvement and stress management visit our website for a huge resource of articles, features and downloads and at


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