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What Is The Big Secret In The Secret DVD?


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If you’re having second thoughts about downloading The Secret DVD – something that probably more than one person you know has recommended to you – here’s what you should expect from The Secret DVD.

The Secret and LOA
In everyday terms, people will surely think that LOA stands for leave of absence, but The Secret DVD is referring to a different kind of LOA – or law of attraction to be more specific. Although the universal law of attraction is mainly associated with New Age Philosophy, the makers of The Secret DVD point out numerous references to prove that the law of attraction – which is also the secret they wish to share with the rest of the world for the world’s benefit and not theirs – has been around since the beginning of time.

The law of attraction, according to the Secret DVD, is the most powerful among all universal laws. Universal laws are principles in life that are unchangeable no matter the who’s, when’s, where’s, how’s, why’s, and what’s of the situation. Summing up the law of attraction is simple: like attracts like and vice versa. In this case, the commonly used phrase “be careful of what you wish for” should be modified along the lines of “be careful of what you THINK because it might just come true”.

The Secret DVD and The Master Key System
The Master Key System is a book written in the last century by Charles F. Haanel and which also discusses the law of attraction. It’s probably why many people believe that The Secret DVD is largely based on the book. In The Master Key System, the author invented a series of lessons for which people initially paid $1,500 for. The results were amazing. Some of those who had read Haanel’s work believed that The Secret DVD is nothing more than a dramatic account of the book.

Lessons within The Secret DVD
There are dozens of lessons imparted by The Secret DVD but the following have proven to be favorites of the DVD’s increasingly large number of viewers:

Health – There are some things that you just can’t buy, and unfortunately for the rich, a long and healthy life is one of them. Exercise, vitamins and medicine can only do so much but they are ineffectual for incurable diseases. John DeMartini, once called Chiropractor of the Year and now a famous doctor, writer, and inspirational speaker, however, has a better alternative to offer to those suffering from seemingly incurable diseases and health conditions. According to Dr. DeMartini, “disease is the body’s way of giving you feedback that you are not loving or grateful”. If you actively change your outlook and attitude towards life and other people, it will definitely have a positive influence over your body’s condition.

Money – Most things in this world are dependent on money. And according to The Secret DVD, money is magnetic energy which you can have more of by attracting it to move towards you. It can, however, move away from you as well if you’re focusing on negative thoughts.

Relationships – Again, a positive outcome for a relationship is something that money can never buy, but it can be something you can will to happen – no matter what’s happening at present – if you apply The Secret to your life.

The Secret DVD is beneficial for virtually everyone. Novices will definitely learn how to get started on using the law of attraction in their life while advanced learners will learn better techniques in applying the law of attraction.

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