Attract and Repel Values

Scott Groves

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Values for each area of our lives can be divided into two basic categories.

We each have values that we are attracted to and ones that we repel. Any value can fit in either of these categories depending on how it is defined.

For example, commitment is a value that some people are attracted to, whilst some people repel it. The same goes for things like uncertainty or responsibility. Some people hit a wall with responsibility and cease to want to take on any more. Others will take as much as they can get. It all comes down to how your values are shaped for you personally.

Commonly, and I am generalising a little here but commonly people are attracted to things like money, love, family, freedom, health and so on. Values that generally fit the repel category include things like racism, prejudice, injustice, abuse, poverty and so on.

Why are attract and repel values important?

It is important to understand because for some people they may have found that the values (qualities or characteristics) that will get them where they want to go are on the wrong side of the equation.

In order to achieve major goals in life it is important we have commitment and responsibility on the attract side of the equation. Imagine if these were things that you were repelling. The entire foundation to your success would be leaking like a boat with a hole punched through the bottom of it. The chances of keeping your goals afloat would be slim.

However, if you were to balance the equation so to speak, then you would have harmony. All of your actions would naturally flow in the direction of your dreams like a river to the sea. Financial abundance is best achieved when you are highly attracted to wealth and you highly repel poverty. There is congruency here.

If you repelled an abundance of money and also repelled poverty there would be inner turmoil. This inner turmoil creates mixed emotions that will play tug-of-war with your life. Your subconscious will pull you away from poverty when things are tight, then turn around and hold you back when things begin to get too good.

I know this sounds crazy on the surface but when you look deep into your thoughts behind why people do what they do, you will understand how people can do this to themselves.

Understanding these values and their definitions will be the key determinant in you avoiding self-sabotage and inner conflict.

The purest form of goal achievement is when you can honestly succeed by making your goals work in harmony with your most important values - this is the essence of ‘Subconscious Goal Setting’.

Scott Groves is the Author of 6 Books, and Founder of “Immortal Entrepreneurs". His book “The Power of Subconscious Goal Setting" has been endorsed by names such as Mark Victor Hansen, John Kanary, PhD's and CEO's worldwide.

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