Who's The True Creative You? 5 Questions To Help Unlock Your True Creative Self

Dan Goodwin

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All of us in our everyday lives have to play a number of different roles, and put on a variety of personas. Different parts of life require different abilities to come to the fore, and similarly, different people bring out different parts of our personalities.

Think about your own life. You may be at various points in the day a mother or father, spouse, business partner, son or daughter, employer, employee, colleague, friend, and a host of other different roles.

This depends on who you’re with, the environment you’re in, and the expectations on your behaviour and way of being, from yourself and from others.

Sometimes even, we seem to need to wear more than one of these many hats at one time, juggling them as best we can whilst at the same trying to remain true to our core beliefs and values that run through everything we do.

But, when you come home at the end of the day, and are able to remove all the various hats, relax and detach from the expectations of the various roles you play, who is it your left with?

Who is the real you underneath it all?

The true creative you that is always there but sometimes gets pushed aside or repressed?

It’s all too easy for us to lose touch of the core identity of ourselves amidst all the chaos and demands of day to day life.

So here are 5 powerful questions to ask yourself, to allow you to “Come Home To You” and get closer once again to your true creative self.

1. If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do with the time? Would you spend it with friends and family, would you go places you’d always wanted to go, would you create the art you’d always longed to create?

2. What are your 5 greatest strengths? What are the 5 most fundamental things you do well and are best at? What strengths have you called upon time and time again in difficult times of your life?

3. What would your closest friends, colleagues and family say are your 5 greatest strengths? This often gives surprisingly different answers to the previous question, because it forces you to look at how others see you, and often highlights strengths that others value highly but you maybe just take for granted.

4. Which 5 guiding principles in your life are most important to you? Think of these as the fundamental guidelines you live by, and which influence everything you do. For example: being honest, being creative, willingness to learn and grow, tolerance to others, and so on.

5. If you had to create one piece of work or art that defined the essence of you most accurately, what would it be like? Would it be similar to something artistic you’ve already created or completely new and different. Either way, consider the reasons behind your answer.

Answer these 5 questions as honestly and fully as you can, and you’ll begin see a very clear picture of the real you.

The next stage is to ask yourself what steps can you now take, with this greater knowledge, to start to “Come Home to You” more frequently, more authentically and more deeply?

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