To Be Energized Within

Michelle Morovaty

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Dear Loved Ones,

Great day to you all as the wisdom within you reveals itself moment by moment.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Please take a moment to Pray for and Bless the planet earth into Unity and Oneness and whatever else your heart's desire is expressing itself to you, Right Now. Thank you.

Tools For life. To Be Energized Within To be Energized within is to be attuned to oneself.

How many times have you heard these words but in a different context? Once, twice, multiple times or perhaps this is the first time. Does it really matter, how many times? The importance is that we practice what we know.

We know that we have taken many classes and studied many modalities and have had many teachers along our path and yet perhaps we may be lost in the storm of confusion.

Now, to be energized within is the fastest and least expensive way to have Fun and Relax.

How's that you may ask?

Actually to energize within by your own will and God/Life given energy is Freeeeeeeeee. Yes, Freeeeeeeeee. I knew this would get your attention. Are you liking it? No charge to you or anyone else. Yes. I am selling your own Life Force to you absolutely Freeeeeeeee.

Today is your day and today you get to experience your own energy for Freeeeeeeee. But here is another great deal. Not only today but every moment you choose to, you can energize yourself for Freeeeeeeee.

Here we go.

To gain Clarity within is to be energized.
To pay attention to your Emotions is to be energized.
To Forgive yourself and others is to be energized.
To be Present with whatever is going on in your life is to be energized.
To listen to your Desires and to be Authentic is to be energized.
To run your Life energy with the Sun’s energy is to be energized.
To Love truly from a place of Surrender and Freedom is to be energized.
To accept God's Grace, Goodness and Blessings is to be energized.
To give from your Heart is to be energized.
To drink Water from the earth is to be energized.
To breathe in the breath of Life is to be energized.
To move your Body, to stretch and to be Flexible in life is to be energized.
And all this plus more is freeeeeeee.

You are so Wonderful. Do you know this? I know it.

You are Wonderful for you are part of this Wonderful Universe. So Delightful. I know we have forgotten this truth. How about letting go of what we have forgotten and starting Right Now choose to remember. Remember that with our will and desire to create we can in fact energize ourselves every moment that we choose to. I know sometimes it may hard, for our ego, our false self gets in the way testing us. We may also look at this as strengthening us, providing an opportunity to Grow and Flourish.

I am 100% in favor of you. I know your Strength and I know of your Inner Power. This is why I choose a life of complete perfect health and vitality for you for we are all one. I will not let my own desire do this for you. I will let you use your own Inner Will and Power to create the perfect life for you.

I simply want to say that I have perfect Faith in you, Right Now. Bless You.

Take a deep cleansing breath and go forth with the everlasting energy within you and give yourself the gift of Love and Freedom. For you surely are worthy and deserving of this truth.

And so it is.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Please feel free to share these Insights with your friends, family, associates and enemies to Energize the whole planet into Oneness.

May the love, light and blessings of God and the whole Universe surround, protect and heal you, your loved ones and the planet earth.

With Love, Gratitude and Respect,
Michelle Morovaty
Truly, With God All Things Are Possible

© Copyright 2007 Spirituality Inside and Out, LLC

Michelle Morovaty is an Intuitive Spiritual Teacher and Healer. She has healed herself from many challenges including Lupus CNS, a car accident and divorce. She uses her intuition and universal guidance to assist people through the healing process.

For more about Michelle and her healing sessions see and for her guided meditation CD's see


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