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G.B. Singh

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Passion is something different from emotion and it springs from. . .


Passion does not mean liking, and therefore, getting excited for some particular thing; it rather means just being curious not for any particular thing but for all - each and everything around.

But why will one be interested in any and everything without a reason behind it?

Do we really need a reason to be interested?

Is being interested a transitive or an intransitive verb?

Does it need an object at all?

Or a motif?

There is a difference between liking and being interested.

Liking means getting interested, which is very different from simply being interested.

Liking or getting interested, means, being anxious to mingle.

By the same token, disliking means anxious not to mingle.

Being interested means ready to mingle, but neither anxious to mingle nor anxious not to mingle!

Now, the two are 180 degrees apart.

Readiness and anxiety are the products of altogether two different domains of human existence.

Anxiety is tension.

Readiness is relaxation.

This was the insight that was impinging itself onto my psyche as a result of being able to see and read the fine print at a distance very near to my eyes by focusing the way one focuses to see very far with full visual acuity.

And then it so happened that, one day, a physiotherapist came to my office asking me to train her in effecting a change in her personality.

I train people in life skills - it makes me something like a life coach.

The project was undertaken.

By luck of chance, she had a slight myopia too, although she never wore glasses or contacts.

I started by asking her to see clear near.

That was no problem for her. A myopic is always quite comfortable in seeing near very clear; although s/he does not know that s/he is not doing even that too in a perfect way. The way a myopic sees near is also a faulty one, just as her/his seeing far is! It is only that it is not obviously so!

Whatever, but I asked her to see me eye to eye which she did comfortably.

Then I asked her to reduce the distance.

She did the needful, one step nearer.

The objective was to keep seeing clear throughout and not let the other's face be blurred in front of one's eyes.

Slowly and gradually, we went on reducing the distance between the two sets of eyes, that ours were, till and up to we could, and still kept seeing clear.

Our faces had gone taut.

Our minds had stopped thinking.

It was only seeing that was there in between the two of us.

I suggested her to see her bodily organs with her seeing eye.

It was taut, yet it was relaxed.

The centering of her weight on the soles of her feet had shifted toward the padding just behind the big toes.

The hips had pushed themselves back as well as out.

The shoulders had gone up and back.

The centering of the thrust of action in her hands had shifted toward the padding just behind the thumbs.

The scapulae on her back had gone perfectly plain, flat and aligned with each other.

The jaws had aligned themselves with each other perfectly in their entire width.

The skeletal muscles had automatically gone absolutely taut, and the skin on the face stretched in a way that would put even the best of the face-lift surgical operations to shame.

The total face expression had gone anew.

Her eyes were glowing with a spark into them.

The positioning of lips had changed its shape. They had gone thinner and wider.

It was a total face-lift in itself.

No, it was not only a face-lift; rather it was a total body-lift that had taken place.

The whole body had gone taut and relaxed.

Her mind had gone empty too. There was not a single thought into it.

The brain was working in it's full capacity (I sensed so, as well as she did!) - it would not let any minutest sensation in her body pass unperceived.

There was no fatigue in her body.

There was no tension in her mind.

And her eyes had turned into an eagle's eyes - they were seeing every single detail all around in its absolute clarity. Her myopia had instantaneously vanished into thin air!

Her eyes were showing interest without, there, being any special object of desire (I was not one, not at least an object of desire!) in front of them.

Her body was oozing energy.

It was not only oozing energy, but also feeling an intense pleasure that we, the human beings, often feel when we get a good massage or when we have a refreshing experience of sex.

She said so.

Only that this one was many times more than those as well as lasting much longer in time.

She again said so.

There was no fatigue in her temporomandibular joints at all.

It was something like an out of the body experience.

It was also something like an out of the world experience.

And it was showing everything crystal-clear to her eyes.

But what on earth had triggered it?

I was pondering upon it.

Everything was going exactly the same way as it had gone when I had become one with the fatigue in my temporomandibular joints and the fatigue had vanished into the thin air.

Only, this time the procedure was different.

Also, this time, not one, but two persons were involved and both successfully underwent the process.

Now, the question was as to what it was that had triggered it this time!

It was energy.

The passion that springs from interest!

I had gone interested in her.


Did I have any intention of serving any motif of mine through her?

No, I did not!

Then what on earth made me interested in her? And, that too, for nothing!

Two things!

First, her readiness to jump into the process of energy; and second, her being an opposite-sexed person!

The same was the case on her side.

She had gone interested in me too.

Had we fallen for each other?

We had not!

We only had fallen for and into the process of energy.

Our being interested in the process, and our being opposite-sexed persons were helping us out.

Being opposite-sexed persons was adding fuel to the fire of our interest in an objective process, in which our energies were multiplying each other.

We took care not to touch each other.

But coming closer to each other was generating an immense amount of energy in between the two of us.

And we would not let it dissipate by touching each other!

As a result, our interest in each other was going on increasing by leaps and bounds.

On the top of it, we were going on going nearer and nearer to each other!

There was no personal motif to be fulfilled.

We went on turning into two packets of energy reinforcing each other in their pursuit.

It's not that we were not feeling like hugging.

We very much were feeling so.

But we were just perceiving the feeling as intensely as we could, and we were not acting it out.

Had we acted it out, the intensity of the feeling would have diluted.

The intensity of the feeling was giving us energy.

And the eyes saw clear.

The minds went into a trance.

The bodies went taut.

The faces went glowing.

The jaws went aligned.

The lips went stretched.

The shoulders went raised and opened.

The scapulae went flat.

The collarbones started touching the necks.

The solar plexuses raised themselves up and went back in space.

The hips pushed themselves back, and down, and out.

The abdomens stretched to their full lengths starting from pelvises up to the solar plexuses.

We were ready like two wild animals, and at the same time we were peacefully relaxed like two super humans.

Energy had done this to us.

And our temporomandibular joints had not gone tired at all!

What did this experience tell about living life from moment to moment, and also seeing clear every moment without any effort?

Gravity robs us of our energy and makes us feel tired.

It pulls us down.

We feel heavy.

Heavier than our weight!

This has been since we came on our twos.

We have not yet been able to learn how to be on our twos in the most economical way.

The most economical way is the most energetic way too!

Since we do not balance our body in a proper way that would have made our center of mass and our center of volume coincide with each other, our center of gravity gets disturbed; and the gravity starts exerting a pressure on it that pulls it down making us feel heavy.

When we were on our fours, it was a better scenario. Just the very posture of being on fours does not allow it to go wrong, it being more stable than the posture on twos.

That is why the animals can run much faster than we can.

I am not advocating going back on our fours. In fact, being on twos has its own benefits; and for that matter, they are very huge benefits!

Being on twos is the next step of evolution after being on fours.

But we have not yet evolved fully into human beings.

We are still in a phase of transition between the apes and the humans.

We still have to complete our journey of evolution from monkey to man.

Only, this time we will have to do it through our gray matter, individually. No genetic mutation is going to make it an automatic natural process any more.

That is why we have been endowed with gray matter at our disposal as different from animals whose life is but an automaton in itself when compared with the life of human beings.

We are more conscious than they are, exactly like they are more conscious than a tree is!

Or exactly like a tree is more conscious than a stone is!

Brain is more capable than genes are!

But gravity pulls us down and, in this pulling down, it distorts our body in case it is not balanced perfectly on its twos.

This has an effect of disturbing the alignment between our jaws; which, in turn, pulls our face down too - exerting a pressure on our eyeballs in two different ways. It either elongates them (myopia), or it flattens them (hyperopia and presbyopia - hardened lens is only the apparent cause of presbyopia), or else it elongates and/or flattens them unevenly in different meridians (astigmatism), and so on for many other vision and eye problems.

Gravity also imparts us a mind as different from the brain that we already have as the most efficient organ ever created on earth.

How can we undo the distorting effects of gravity on our body?

That physiotherapist and I had reached a bodily state of feeling extremely light in our bodies.

And our minds had stopped too!

We were SEEING, not thinking.

But our brains had gone extra efficient at that moment. After all we SEE with our brains only, and not only with our eyes!

And we were seeing clear, rather extra-clear!

We were not feeling emotional for each other too!

But we were feeling *** for each other, yes!

And we were feeling energetic in ourselves, much more than we otherwise did.

It was like opening our third eyes together.

It was, in fact, our third eyes opened along with crown chakras too!

It was feeling like we were flying in the sky together.

It was a feeling of trance in our minds - the minds that had gone empty for the time being.

We came back to the mundane reality slowly and gradually.

And as we were doing so, it felt that we were retreating from each other back into our cages of loneliness that our SELF is!

The feeling of oneness with each other was over, and had been replaced by two separate individuals shrunk under their skins with a wall between the two of them.

That is how we live our everyday life on this earth!

Can we change it to the other mode somehow?

Can we live in the other mode moment to moment, every single moment?

My question is: why not?

Will someone answer me?

O. K. , What is moment?

Moment to moment, every single moment!

Time is a continuum.

Of what?

Of the perception of change!

Not of change!

But of the perception of change!

Now, for the perception of change to be there; you need comparing the perception with the memory of perception.

That means your perception gets divided between sensing and remembering.

The intensity of sensation gets diluted.

Passion goes diluted.

Passion, when diluted, turns into emotion.

So, time is an emotional entity in itself!

But we were not emotional, at least for each other; when we were together - that physiotherapist and I!

Time stood still for us.

And as it stood still, space shrunk in front of our eyes too.

I could not see her full face in one single go.

I only saw a single pore of it. The rest of the face was blurred whereas the one single pore was having extraordinarily acute clarity of vision in my eyes.

To see her full, I had to scan her face.

I scanned it pore by pore, every pore being extraordinarily acute as my eye scanned it through.

I loved seeing her.

No, I did not fall in her love.

I loved her.

I was at the peak of my energetic self that had come out of my individual shell of my petty self through my eyes to be one with the pore of her face that I was going on scanning one by one by one. . .

. . Yeah! That is what love is!

I loved her.

I did not fall in love with her.

I loved seeing her.

I was not in a hurry to gulp her down through my eyes.

Had I been (in the hurry), I would not have been able to see her pore by pore with such acute clarity.

Falling in love is being in a hurry to gulp the other down.

That is not love!

The moment stands still in love.

And then it keeps moving pore by pore by pore. . . point by point by point!

It turns dynamic while still standing still!

All memory takes a back seat in the awareness.

No comparison is there, left to be done.

No change is there to be perceived.

It is every moment anew.

Love without falling in love.

Love through seeing one single point without being in a hurry to see the whole full, in one single go.

Hurry kills love.

Hurry kills passion.

Hurry kills energy.

Hurry is the seed of time that grows in the soil of greed.

Everything on earth turns time-bound with a deadline to deliver.

The greed of GETTING more and more and more. . .

. . And quick and fast and soon!

The anxious success sits on the wheel, and the curious love takes the back seat in the car that our life is!

The pursuit of success is a state of perennial war with, potentially, any and everyone around us.

We do not have time to see a thing clear, point by point by point!

We are practical people!

Ah, what a beautiful word have we coined to mask our ugly selfishness!

We live a successful but energy-less life.

But we CAN live energy and we CAN live love.

By qualification, G B Singh is an electronics engineer, passionate to change the quality of life on earth.

He has decided to train people, free of charge, in the procedure of instant vision correction through opening their third eye instantaneously. Contact him through to decide further program, together.


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