Do You Ever Take Time To Think?

Greg Nicholls

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Sometimes we do much too little thinking and way too much doing; do you ever take time to think?

Think about it!

I know you are probably saying to yourself, “I think I think, no, I am sure I think. . . I think?


It is easy to take action on someone else's suggestions, it is easy to be in agreement all the time, however if you are thinking like the masses, you will get the results of the masses.

We are taught to “look busy", “just do it", “throw enough mud at the wall and some will stick" and all that is fine, but if you are not trusting yourself to come up with your own ideas, on what to be busy doing, throwing mud at the wall will get you to age 65 and broke.

We have been so conditioned to not think, that we are likely going to make the wrong decision, so it is “safer" to just conform and do what you are told to do and everything will be alright.

C-mon. . . think about it.

Really, this next part might piss you off a little, but if you are honest with yourself, you will know it to be true. There is a statement that is so brutally honest that most people will just brush it off at first, I would challenge you to act otherwise, to take personal responsibility for it.

You are exactly where you are in your life, good or bad, as a result of your best thinking.


Yes, let the pain sink in a bit, let the denial stew for a bit, then throw it out.

You ARE exactly where you are in your life, good or bad, as a result of your best thinking.

So, if you are saying to yourself; “Oh, it is because I have a crappy boss, wife, history, I grew up in the wrong neighborhood, I do not have a great education because my parents could not put me through university, blah, blah blah.

The one person at the scene of every crime, the one person that could have come up with a solution if he/she really THOUGHT ABOUT IT.


If you really thought about it.

Ever heard the one; “hind sight is always 20/20?"

Yea, well, foresight is possible, no hind sight required, if you choose to believe in yourself enough to think about a solution to your future challenges before they even have an opportunity to challenge you.


Now, do not think for a moment that I am talking about predicting the future, rather understand that we can map out the future of each decision we are going to make and always make the right one.

Yes, there is a trick to doing this.

Well, not a trick really, more of an understanding; it is understanding the principles that are behind every decision that we make and knowing that the outcome of every decision we make is based on the principles that we hold near and dear to each of our hearts.

This next paragraph is really important for you to read twice.

If you maintain the set of principles that you currently manage and do not introduce principles that are based on the outcomes or results that you desire to have, then you will continue to get what you have always got up until now. This will repeat over and again until you die.

There is hope.

Learning the principles of success is simple, but it is not necessarily easy. When you introduce new principles to your life, no matter how good they are, your old principles will try to hold the ground that they fought so long and hard to obtain.

The only way out is to form habits of the principles of success.

Know this, every person and I mean every person that practices the principles of success are able to think clearly because they know that every decision they make, every thought they think will be based on good, solid, principles of success. This thinking will be done free and clear of doubt, free and clear of fear, free and clear of every limiting belief (the things that have actually been holding you back from your greatness for so long) that has ever existed in your life because you KNOW that your outcome is always based on the principle that the thought was based on.

So you see, if your thoughts were based on lousy principles, given to you by broke people that did not know any better, then you are likely going to end up just like them, broke.

Now comes the real tough part.

Do you just close this article and never think about it again, or do you seek out and find the books, tools, resources and teachers that will guide you and teach you the principles of success.

Do you ever take the time to think? Well, I would suggest you take some time right now and start to think about what you just learned because going forward, you now know that it is up to you to get the result you desire and if you don't, it was because of your best thinking.

If you liked this article and believe and you think that it is time for you to introduce the principles of success into your life, but are wondering how you can do that in the quickest way possible. Get in touch with Greg, he teaches the principles of success through a 90 day program. You can work with Greg 1 on 1 to develop a habit out of the principles of success. Visit his website at take action on your future, starting right now.


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