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Escaping The Comfort Zone, The Most Dangerous Place In The World

Robert Daniel

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The most dangerous place in which to live is ‘The Comfort Zone. '

But it's the comfort zone that most of us strive to reach in our lives, only to be left frustrated and disillusioned when we get there. You see, in the comfort zone, there's nothing to do, nothing left to achieve.

We can only eat and drink so much, buy only so many fast cars and boats and live in just one house at a time. All those amazing trinkets and baubles we aim to buy when we're reached our personal Mecca in life remain just that. Trinkets and baubles. There is no substance, no lasting pleasure or joy. Sure they're nice to have, but it is never enough.

The comfort zone strangles us. Having reached it we become fearful of losing it, and get even more comfortable trying to protect and nurture the place we have been seeking for so long.

We may turn to the television and movies to live our life through others, all safe and couched up in the safety and comfort of a reclining, cushioned, electric vibrating armchair with our favourite drinks and nibblies at hand.

Don't do it, or if you've done it already, don‘t stay there. Get out. Close your eyes and throw a dart into a map of the world and go to where it lands.

Visit a random website and try out what they're suggesting (with some rules perhaps) and think up the one thing you always said you'd be too afraid to try, then book yourself in and just do it.

Life has to be full of challenges otherwise what is the point?

We eventually die, people come by and say what they say then fill in the hole and go and get themselves a drink and when they do, what did all those self-doubts, all those ‘no I cant do that's’ you used to say to anyone who would listen really mean?

They meant NOTHING! There’ is nothing to fear except the comfort zone, the place where nothing happens, no risks are taken and no one sets any challenges.

Are you bored? If so, how and why?

We have been placed on perhaps the most challenging, beautiful, serene, dangerous, interesting planet in the Universe, surely we can find something to occupy our time here other than watch soap operas and documentaries of other people leading fantastic lives - no matter how interesting they may be.

Treat them as inspiration. If they can do that, so can we.

The world is full of inspirational people defying all the odds not only going on adventures that look impossible for them, but actually staying alive. And then look at the people who came before us whose survival and existence enabled us to be born in the first place.

My grandfather served in the 1st World War. His job was to go into no mans land, which often turned into enemy territory, and scrabble about in the mud fixing communication lines. Crawling over rotting corpses in the dirt, the blood, the freezing then sweltering stink of wartime trench mud in what must have been hell, he survived for five years.

How did he do this? I will never know. But what a legacy he left behind. His daughter and son, my beautiful children and me, staring back at his worn photograph and never being able to say thank you enough. Or can I?

He was just one person who survived what are now historical events against impossible odds. If he hadn't, if one of a million ways to die had befallen him, I wouldn't be writing this and you wouldn't be reading it.

There are a limitless number of reasons why I should have a great life but if there is just one, him surviving that hell would be enough.

It is a miracle we are here. Our ancestors through war, diseases that wiped out nearly half of Europe, accidents, sickness, starvation survived long enough to bring up the next generation who have finally led to us.

Leave the comfort zone, take a trip, learn something new, go on an adventure and take on the impossible because there is nothing, NOTHING, to lose.

It is the perfect way to say thank you to those who lived and dreamed about the future who came before us. We are the future their dreams were all about. Live those dreams.

I am a children’s author living in Albany Western Australia. My passion is travelling around schools presenting creative writing, advanced memory and learning techniques and self-esteem. The commitment is to make education fun, inside of making a fundamental, positive different to the lives of young people is an online creative studio for writers and illustrators of any age, and increasingly a place to showcase talent. We have artists, writers, cartoonists and a voice artist feature at the moment, and they are all motivated and willing to present what they know to the world, especially young people. If you’d like to know more, all our contact details can be found at:

I look forward to meeting you.


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Expanding Your Comfort Zone
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