The Secret - the Supreme Secret - to Having Everything You Want


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What I am writing about today is a Truth for which I need to be reminded at this particular moment. I’m no different than you in that sometimes I also get fixated on having things a certain way.

No doubt you already know all about ‘The Secret’, aka ‘The Law of Attraction’ books, videos and dvd’s that are currently all over the internet and throughout our Universe. . .including The Oprah Winfrey show. Yes, a big deal it is, indeed!

And, I feel sure you already know that this law of attraction principle is nothing new in that it has been a part of our existence since the beginning of what we call time. . . and will continue to be so through eternity.

And, like ‘The Secret’ being spread all over via grandiose marketing, what I am about to reveal to you is not a secret, nor has it ever been. It has been quietly, steadily expressing itself right in front of you all along. You just haven’t heard it because of all the endless chatter of your own secret demands.

So, quiet your mind and listen up. Here is The Secret - the Supreme Secret - to Having Everything You Want. . .

“Want What Life Wants. ” It’s that simple.

“Wait a minute, you say. What if I don’t want what life wants, or don’t want what life brings to me?” Well, has it not yet occurred to you that perhaps your source of anxiety, or sorrow, is that of your thinking your life should be a certain way, rather than allowing life to bring itself to you.

It is not what life has brought to you that you don’t like. It is your perception of how your life should be and your reactions that turn the gift of life into resentment and disappointment of it. When life has failed to conform to your ideas of what you think you need and want, you deem yourself unhappy, unworthy, or unsuccessful. . . or whatever. It is your ideas and your perception about life that have failed you, not life itself.

Your false nature, your ego, will tell you that you must have control over all that is going on in your life and that your life must be a certain way in order for you to be happy and successful. This causes you both mental and emotional suffering. It is the primary source of your stress.

The truth is that no human being has total control of life. And, most importantly, no human being needs total control of life. Life IS. And, When you want what life wants, your wish is for life itself.

Your real nature is not separate from life. It is a part of the higher cosmic energy which fills your body. This is life itself, not some perhaps false idea of what life is, and this is who you truly are.

Let life bring itself to you. Welcome it, relax and flow with it, rather than resisting or trying to control and form it into your perceived, and often false, ideas of how your life should be. Remember it is your perceptions and re-actions to what life brings you that turn the gift of life into struggle and disappointment.

Among numerous other wondrous things, life wants you to be consciously aware, happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. And, when living in the true nature of the spiritual energy being that you are, life can bring you this, and more. It is simply your sometimes false perception as to exactly what all this is and how everything in your life should be that can cause you anguish and conflict.

Want what life wants. . . for life wants what you want. Place your energy and attention on all the abundant and positive possibilities of life, and allow them to come to you in a manner which is for the highest benefit of all. In doing so, you can experience The Secret. . . the Supreme Secret. . . to Having Everything You Want.

At Charlsie's site you can download 7 Free chapters from ‘Our Ultimate Reality’. Simply go to:

For over 15 years Charlsie has been consciously on (and off, on and off. . . now back on!) the path to transformation and greater awareness. Much of her time is spent observing nature, exploring metaphysics and pondering on the so-called mysteries of our Universe. Charlsie has read extensively about energy and the various modalities of energy work and is certified in all levels of Reiki.


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