Top 5 Steps to Bring The Secrets Law of Attraction Into Your Life


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You may have seen the recent internet blockbuster, “The Secret”, and been inspired or even floored at the material presented. But how do you take the next step and bring all this into your life? Here are 5 steps that will send you on your way to attracting the things you want and should have in your life!

1. Accept that “getting rich” is a noble pursuit. Often times, in movies and on TV, rich people are portrayed as evil or the bad guys, where the heroes are struggling along without much to show. The reality is this is a bogus portrayal! The more money you make, the more you will be able to help the world. Many poor people have huge hearts. So do many rich people. But a poor person with a gigantic heart can only do so much to make the world better. However, there is no stopping a rich person with a heart of gold!

2. Realize that opportunities are endless. There are no set limits to the opportunities there are out there for you. Nobody has a monopoly on opportunity. Once you believe this, you will begin to see more possibilities in your life every day.

3. Focus on what you want. For years I tried to figure out what I wanted to do with my life by constantly describing what I didn't want. It's no wonder these years were filled with frustrations and dissatisfaction! If you want to be rich, focus on all the ways there are to make money, instead of how not to lose money. Obsess over your bills, and guess what you will get? More bills! As you continue to focus on your desires, and shut out all thoughts of what you do not want, good things will come into your life!

4. Give thanks. Show gratitude. Daily. And, when something good happens in your life, acknowledge and celebrate it! You have to be grateful for what you have and what you have achieved, or you will be mired in the “small stuff” and not be able to move beyond your current situation.

5. Stop being competitive and start getting creative. As a former college athlete, I have a natural competitive nature. Competitiveness can work wonders in the initial desire to improve your situation. However, there is no need to compete for what has already been created. Competing as if wealth is limited and running out will lead to misery, even if you do manage to get rich! Instead, focus on your unique ideas and thoughts- and cause these things to be created.

Kevin Koskella is an internet entrepreneur and affiliate for the Secret Science of Getting Rich Seminar. To receive 7 free lessons from the teachers of “The Secret”, click on


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How To Use The Law of Attraction In 7 Easy Steps
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