Are You a Comic?


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Are You a Comedian?

Do you get insulted when someone calls you a clown?

The New York Times Science department did a major article on the power of Funny, March 13, 2007. We suggest you Google it only if you want to live longer, be healthy, and maybe discover how to heal your mind and body.

If you know how to make someone smile, laugh or giggle, you are worth your weight in gold. It is uncommon knowledge that a simple smile excites your immune systems (natural killer, bone marrow, and thymus), leading to healing, improved health and long-life.

Ever hear of leukocytes, phagocytes, (macrophages) and lymphocytes?

These are not five-dollar words to show what you do not know; the author does not know ten-billion bits of knowledge. Google these guys and discover how your non-conscious body manufactures these disease-fighters to chew-up your enemy bacteria, viruses and toxins 24/7 for your survival and self-preservation.

One more once, we never forget someone who can make us smile, laugh or giggle like a kid. They produce in both themselves and the listener, a dose of endorphins (pleasure hormones), and pump up our electrical vibrational frequency. Who among us does not need Good Vibes instead of stress?


You cannot avoid paying taxes or dying right? Your DNA comes with two built-in commandments (algorithms) for life: actively avoid pain, and permanently seek out personal pleasure. Have you intentionally smiled today?

I just found out our DNA is run by five nucleotides that store and transport genetic information. Discovered by Watson-Crick who got the Nobel in 1962 for it, they are Cytosine, Guanine, Adenine, Thymine and Uracil. You know your computer programming is digital and works on Xs and Os; now know your DNA and RNA work because of these five elements. The Vital 20% want to know.

So What

How can you help yourself live up to ten-years longer, in good health, with the power to heal your own pain?

Will you choose to remember a French neurologist named Guillaume Duchenne who gave his name to genuine, real, and authentic smiles. He did his most important work in 1842, and was cited by Darwin for great scientific research. Today Duchenne is cited by scientist Paul Ekman as the father of the science of facial expression, emotion and deception, a monumental part of body language.

Here is what professor Duchenne handed down: smiles result from true happiness, not a phony grin; they utilize the muscles of the mouth and those of the eyes. The real deal is called a Duchenne Smile, while phony deceptive facial expressions are called Pan-Am Smiles.

If you relax and pay attention to others, your Reptilian Complex and Limbic System, through your right-brain intuition, can trigger you which person is the genuine article and who is the phony-baloney. Would it help you in negotiations and relationships to be able to spot the liars and even terrorists?

The Cause of Negative Emotions

If you knew you were weak in one area of your career and personal relationships, would you have the nerve to face up to it, and make the appropriate changes?

There are three areas to examine: do you feel worthy? Are you feeling protected? And, today, this minute, are you feeling lovable? If anyone of the three are out of sync, you lose control to your emotions and instincts of fight-or-flight.

Most of us are either up to 75% externally-driven and people can push our buttons (amgydala hijacking), or about 75% internally-driven, and we define our reactions by our neocortex and rein-in our limbic system (emotions) and reptilian complex (instincts).

The third approach is a positive combination of 66% internally-run, and 34% externally aware of the needs of others. You decide which brain coding is best for your success, empathy, independence or interdependence. You can teach yourself.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

We suggest you Google Gary Craig and Roger Callahan and discover the major breakthrough in overcoming human negative emotions. These two have a track record to suggest a controversial and outrageous new approach to controlling our negative feelings, and improving our health by accelerated healing.

Both believe the underlining cause of all negative emotions (chronic stress, depression and panic) is an imbalance within your body and its electrical energy systems. For a century the establishment has believed in a chemical imbalance theory.

The normal professionals who advocate discovering the cause of mental agitation through various forms of psychoanalysis, average up to ten-years of treatment for a healing. Emotional Freedom Techniques appear to help the mind and body heal itself in a maximum of days or weeks. You decide if it is too good to be true.

Consider this: are you familiar with electricity or do you know about it exclusively through its results? Ever see the electricity running your computer or TV? You believe in the power of video because you see the results in moving pictures and the sound of voices, right? Sometimes second-hand knowledge works too.

The human brain and body is based on a lousy 10 watts of electricity. Your brainwave rhythms are measured by an EEG (Electroencephalograph), in cycles per second; and your heart by an EKG (Electrocardiogram) to measure your heartbeat. Are we really born as cyborgs who operate on a small dose of electricity?

For the Vital 20% Only

You might want to know more about human Polarity, Electromagnetism, ElectroChemical activity, and Vibrational Frequency. The point is, Homo sapiens live or die based on the tiny 10 watts of electricity neuroscientists know very little about.

The NY Times Article

The essence of John Tierney on humor is that laughing has little to do with humor, it is all about our limbic system (emotions) and reptilian complex (instinct). Those two independent brains use laughing for your survival and self-preservation.

It aint got nothing to do with cognitive brilliance and being an intellectual wit. The secret is to get along, you go along. Laughter is a social response to other folks.

The eye-specialists said I got Cadillacs in my both eyes; my son said I should go to Mr. Goodwrench for my operation.

The best work on laughter is being done at Washington State University, by two professors, Robert R. Provine and Jaak Panksepp. They see it early on as learning to play and later to cooperate with each other in the hunt. Teamwork is in our genes.

The juice for smiling, laughing and giggling is part of the instincts of hierarchy and ritual. You know how to smile at a pretty girl and laugh at the dumb jokes of your boss. Finally, laughter survives because it makes you feel good to experience the protection of your social group. When you laugh with others, you are conditioning yourself not to fight or kill them later. That is quite cool.


Can you and should you force yourself to smile, laugh and giggle at least once a day?

Answer: only if you want to live up to ten years longer, heal your pains and improve the function of your immune systems for prolonged health. Are you being a phony? Nyet, you are using the latest neuroscience for personal survival and self-preservation. Remember, it is all in your eye-muscles and respecting your pecking-order.

See ya,

copyright © 2007
H. Bernard Wechsler


Author of Speed Learning for Professionals, published by Barron's; partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of speed reading, graduating two million, including the White House staffs of four U. S. Presidents.

Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and fortune Magazine for major articles.


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