The Power of Challenge

Michelle Morovaty

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Dear Loved Ones,

I am wishing you all a wonderful day and know that the Universe is 100% backing you today and everyday.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

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The Power of Challenge

Why would one want to experience challenge in their life? What does challenge do for oneself? Does a challenge empower or dis-empower oneself? Can we say that it is up to us how we perceive these questions? Can we say that one may think of a challenge as hardship, while another may think of a challenge as a growth experience? Can we say that we are in charge as to how we take on these words, such a challenge? How do we want to redefine this word? Or do we?

Let us do an experiment Right Now. As you are sitting and reading this Insight pay close attention to your posture. If you are sitting up straight fantastic and if you are not please allow yourself to sit in a upright position with your back straight. Good. Very Good. Thank you.

Now, please take a deep cleansing breath and release. Pay attention to yourself as you announce the word Challenge to yourself. Wait a few seconds. Now check to notice what has happened with your posture.

Are you still upright or have you slouched? Do you feel strong or do you feel weak? Do you feel in power or dis-empowered? Good. Very Good.

Thank you for doing this easy exercise to simply notice where you are in regards to this very much used word and how it affects you. If you are one of many whom is weak-ened by this word I encourage you to start using words that empower you.

Words have power to do so much for us.

If we have associated the word Challenge with fatigue, hardship, pain, suffering, lack, loneliness and pressure in the past, most likely we are experiencing it in a negative way Now.

So why Not use another way of expressing ourselves and welcoming change and growth in such way that is Inspiring and Empowering us? We are all Creative beings of the Light. We can use our words in such a way that is life enhancing and joyful. Using our words with Passion and enthusiasm.

We can start to practice this new way of communicating with ourselves and others that allows us always to sit and stand up tall. We can rise above anything when we choose to. This is the Power within.

Let us use this God given Power within to organize a life of Harmony for ourselves and others. For we are all one.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Please feel free to share these Insights with your friends, family, co-workers and enemies to bring awareness and to Create Oneness.

May the love, light and blessings of God and the Universe surround, protect and heal you, your loved ones and the holy planet earth.

With Love, Gratitude and Respect,

Truly, With God All Things Are Possible

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Michelle Morovaty is an Intuitive Spiritual Teacher and Healer. She has healed herself from many challenges including Lupus CNS, a car accident and divorce. She uses her intuition and universal guidance to assist people through the healing process.

For more about Michelle and her healing sessions see and for her guided meditation CD's see


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