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Our real purpose for living is to find our true calling; this sometimes appears to be a difficult task. When we are really honest with ourselves, we will feel an inside pull towards our true calling. You will feel an inner peace when you are in the zone of your true calling. Let face it, nine times out of ten you will know when you are doing what you were meant to do. We should try our best to honor the true calling that Yahweh has for our lives.

There are many times when your true calling will not affect your regular job. When we know our true calling our jobs will only become more satisfying to us. Our jobs will have a greater purpose to our living, because we will see some of them for what they are a job. The Apostle Paul was a powerful preacher in the New Testament scriptures, but his lively hood was that of a tent maker. Do not confuse your day job with your true calling. There are a few occasions when the day job and true calling are one in the same.

We should organize ourselves enough to provide time to work in out true calling. This task may be little hard for some people to accomplish. We must not use the excuse of not enough time when it comes to moving in our true calling. Our ability to organize will help immensely in our desire to find time to work in our true calling. Organization is the ability for put things in prospective which should allow for the opportunity to find a greater access to all areas of your life; so let's get organized.

For one to develop at their true calling, they must posses a passionate inner desire to find purpose and fulfillment in their calling. The more we apply ourselves to our true calling the more proficiency we will become at it. Also, through practice one will gain stronger bonds passion towards true calling. The time and dedication applied to a calling, skill, or talent will more than likely result in steady development.

When you hear the calling, consider the sound, consider the pull and consider the quest. Rest assured it will keep calling until you recognize it.

I retired from United States Navy in 2003, after serving over 21 years of enlisted active duty on board several different ships and a few shore assignments. I am married. My wife and I have two daughters. We have two dogs, Chow Chow's, to be exact. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts (Focus area Psychology) from Excelsior College class 2004.


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