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When it comes to hearing from God, some Christians seem to go totally loopy. Like the woman who once told me God spoke to her regularly through her cat. Hardly the purrrfect way to live. Some people teach that the only way to hear from God is to obey every single word that the leaders of your church say. I recently walked out of a church service because I could not agree with some of the doctrine that was being taught on a video. It was blatantly false. It would have gone against my conscience to stay and watch what my heart knew was false doctrine.

Today I received a letter telling me that and I quote: To disagree with the video is to disagree with the people who decided to show it. I was also informed that I am no longer considered a faithful child of God. So I am faced with a choice: 1. Just agree to whatever the leadership of my church teaches and have their acceptance 2. OR. . .be considered as a rebel. I have been following Jesus now for over thirty years. In all that time He has been faithful to me and I have come to believe that He alone is perfect. I do believe that people can hear from God today. How?

Through His word, the Bible. I reject the idea that only a few special leaders can hear from God. I reject the teaching that says unless you agree with and follow every word of ANY pastor, you risk missing out with God. I reject the idea that only a few anointed leaders can hear from God. I believe that is a slippery slope to cultism. Hearing from God is not about mindless obedience to a leader or unthinking acceptance of every word that he teaches.

- - It is about loving truth.
- - Loving truth more than anything in the world.
- - Sometimes it is simply about standing up for what you know is true.

If like me, you are ever faced with a choice of denying your conscience or taking a stand for truth (and all the ramifications that it will create) I want to remind you of the word of an old hymn: Jesus keep me near the cross. . . At the end of the day, that is all that matters. Not what people think of you. Not the acceptance of man but the cross and the amazing sacrifice of Him who gave everything so you and I could hear from God.

Jack Snow is a freelance writer who aims to encourage people in their desire to hear from God . Jack is a regular contributer to http://ChristianBusinessVault.com


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