3 Steps to College Success


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Going to college is a key goal and a major turning point in the lives of most young people. It could also prove to be a great challenge that could turn out to be a nightmare when it is not properly handled. Here are three surefire ways to approach this major task so that your college dreams could be realized with great cheer and outstanding distinction.


First you must have a vision for your life. Most people have a general vision for their life but it may be vague or unspecific. Make sure you have a clearly stated vision for your life. Put down in writing what you want most and what you want to accomplish in your life time. Ask yourself what do I want most in life. Make a list of the thing s you want to achieve and what benefits will accrue to you when your goals would have achieved.


Going to college is not an end in itself; at least not for anyone who really wants to succeed in life. So make sure it is clear to you that you are not going to college just because your friends are going to college or your society and dear ones expect you to do so. If you really find the need to go to college, then link you college education to your vision so that your education becomes an integral part of your mission. This would help you clarify the purpose of your going to college. Therefore choose a subject that would be most suited for the realization of your vision. And let me add that you must be certain that you choose a field of specialization that you really love to learn.


Now that you are in college, studying a discipline that you love, be glad! This is a sure foundation for success because doing what you love unlocks the doors of health and wealth. So maintain a sharp focus on what you are trying to achieve. When you come across challenges, as everyone does sometimes, re-adjust your focus and create a mental picture of yourself already in possession of the things you expect to gain when your vision would have been realized. Develop the habit of persistence and never give in to any obstacles. When obstacles show up on you way, use all your will power and prayer power to overcome and not to succumb to them. The difficulties that may appear in your path to success are a sure way to build up your strength and wisdom.

Remember that anything that you really want in life, anything that you desire, is worth striving for. Use the three steps outlined above and let them guide you in your journey to a successful college program.

Momodou Sabally is the author of “Homegrown:The Student Experience of a Unique Canada-Africa University Program" and “Instant Success". He has developed a series of highly effective motivational articles available FREE at his website http://www.mlsabally.com .


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