Coaching and the Law of Attraction

Sugandhi Iyer

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Coaching is a line of work that an increasing number of people are getting interested in.

For the coaches, it is very satisfying to mentor people to reach their full potential. Most coaches know the value of thinking correctly in order to be able to live life happily and with joy. Coaches also know that the traditional methods of anti-depression pills given to people to treat depression due to chemical imbalances is ineffective and can have harmful side effects. We know that the one sure fire pill for treating depression is ‘creative expression’.

Fear based religion is loosing its grip on people and life is becoming more about celebration than fear. So in the absence of organised religion taking people in its path, a need is created for personal attention to be given specifically tailored to an individual's needs rather than the group teaching that happens in schools and other religious institutions. Even parents and teachers themselves are learning and may not know enough about the deep truths that govern this Universe and our lives.

When I was in school and then in college, I remember my father telling me “We never required special tutoring. We did very well with the education that we received in school and infact we did brilliantly. " As a side note, he is a mathematical genius!

But now people want tutoring not just in school, but in life. No longer is getting married and raising children a matter of fact thing. Finding love, getting married and then staying married means a whole lot more. No longer is it enough to find a job and stay in it until retirement; it is now a case of doing what one loves and expressing one's potential to the maximum and even beyond. No longer is it only about inventing things for our use, but it is also about saving earth and maintaining the right balance so that we don't destroy ourselves with our material consumption.

Nothing is as it was a couple of generations ago. Everybody and everything is seeking the best expression. No longer is one wanting just a romantic soul mate, one wants a twin flame, or a beloved energy soul mate. I am not kidding. Soul mates are out, beloveds are in. What is the difference? Easy. Soul mates teach us our lessons and take on the personality most suited to test us and push us to grow and they can be very trying. And beloveds are hand holders, who show us how great we are, and who love us and glorify us, though a beloved is a soul mate and a regular soul mate can turn into a beloved (I have to write an article on this, but I digress from the subject). Like I said, no longer is ‘enough’ sufficient.

And in order for people to discover their best, they are turning towards personal coaching. And corporations are getting on the band wagon as well. After all corporations are made up of people and each person is a valuable asset to a corporation.

Consciousness is like clay or putty. It needs molding. It needs to become aware so that energy can be directed accordingly.

People are born with some talents while they have to cultivate some more. Certain characteristics are developed in school, college, through family and life, and certain others are developed as needed with the assistance of someone who is watchful and knows what is required for full-fledged blossoming to happen in us. The Coach.

Coaching with the Law of Attraction is especially beneficial because no more is it a hit and try method. It is very precise and the molding of consciousness takes place very carefully and speedily.

The logic is simple. If you know that you have to walk a marathon, then it is essential to build up and train for that marathon so that you don't collapse in the first few miles, and then develop distaste for marathons. Your consciousness which is represented by your mind needs to expand to envision victory, and then take your body through the steps required for that victory. And when the mind can see it, then the body needs very little training.

In the same way, life areas require the mind to expand to incorporate new ideas and possibilities and only when the mind expands to envision victory will the body follow suit to carry the lamp of victory to the finish line. And there are so many reasons for the mind to give up and say “No I cannot do it. " “No, I cannot write that book, no I cannot build my mansion, no I cannot have a successful marriage. . . no, no, no. . . "

And then all these negatives get re-enforced as you attract them into your reality with people actually saying no. It becomes your truth.

It's time to leave naysayers behind and know that your mind is elastic and can expand to envision victory and follow through to make it happen. And as the mind says, so it happens. As you believe, so it manifests. And then people say “Ah she/he leads a charmed life, how does she/he do it?"

Love and Light, Sugandhi Iyer, Coach, Joyful Manifestation,

Author Bio- After studying the Vedic texts of the East, specializing in Krishna's teachings and the wonderful teachings of the West, a Master of energy and consciousness, I have put together an amazing system to get people to Self-Realization and Empowerment. I am a teacher, coach and advisor who helps people make powerful changes in their lives, enabling them to experience relief from fear, and move towards purposeful co-creation with the Divine (Universe) and Joyful Manifestation. Whatever the situation is, it can be changed.


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