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"The Moon's the same old moon, the flowers exactly as they were, yet I've become this thingness of all the things I see!" That is the 17th century Japanese poet Bunan, explaining a very important element in who we are. How I see myself is a very important part of how I see the world around me.

It is so easy for me, in this 3-D world of time and space, to see everything in black and white. I can add a little color now and then, but for the most part, I have cut an image of myself out of thought, while moving through my daily life. Sometimes I'm comfortable with it, other times it seems like it's not me. Everything around me stays the same, but I feel different. Another me? Could very well be.

Through discoveries in science, I now know that atoms work in amazing ways. They actually pulsate in patterns and rhythms. My mind works the same way. What I focus my attention on, is what I experience. So I could walk down the same street everyday and see the same thing, and miss many other events that are happening on that street. I could see the same people daily and experience them as I do, because that's what I look for. I am seeing and feeling what I taught myself to experience. But there is so much that I miss, right before me, because I believe what I see, is all there is. I am in the box of my own thoughts, with the lid closed.

Bunan, in his ancient wisdom, opened the lid and crawled out of the box. He awakened his mind with his consciousness and saw a new life. He saw a connection with all he experienced. He was not separated in thought from his surroundings, but united in consciousness. He felt himself, instead of seeing himself. Feelings are the language of the universe and now he could communicate with all of it, because he knew he was it. His beginnings had no ending, united with All There Is.

I am no different than Bunan. I am connected consciousness, waiting to discover other aspects of myself, when I get out of my box. I look around and see the same things, but I feel differently about them. Then I start to see new things, I am able to feel people for who they are, instead of painting a judgmental picture. I can feel my home, work and activities with new energy because I express myself in love. I become the thingness of everything by changing my thoughts about who I am.

I am just now realizing what I have known intuitively forever. I am consciousness connected to all things in a web of love, attached to a divine matrix of All There Is. With that knowledge my life has no age or limitations, unless I crawl back into the box.

Hal Manogue is a poet and author of Short Sleeves A Book For Friends. Insightful thoughts for the 21st century. Hal's 2006 collection and 2007 collection are available in bookstores and online. Visit Hal's website: or blog: for more information about his life and work. Download a copy of the new E-Book, “Unite To Write" a collection of articles from writers around the world that will inspire and fill you with useful information. It's value is priceless. It's Hal's gift to you.


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