Your Dream Job: What is It - Where Is It - How to Start?

Martin Haworth

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How do you know what your perfect job is? What is the job that if you had it, would be perfect bliss to go out and do each and every day?

A job that, well, wouldn't feel like a job at all, more like an extension of the fun, excitement, fulfillment and joy that the rest of your life provides?

You see, it's important to have a good idea, because as you go about your life, you can keep an eye on such opportunities when they come up. And by being aware of what you really love, it's quite surprising how often something like it can crop up.

There are some common concepts that if you asked the vast majority of the population, they would almost always be in their top two or three ingredients of that perfect fit for the job of their dreams.

Some, in fact many, would look to a job that provided a lot of income. A pile of cash extraordinarily high. Their ‘dream job', would bring in so many $ a month that they could luxuriate in any way they saw fit.

Property ownership on several continents, fast and expensive cars, several exotic holidays a year, as well as wardrobes full of designer clothes, not to mention plenty of help around the place too, so that they could luxuriate in the material gains they had made.

For others, it is a sense of power that counts. In this case, being ‘in charge’ or ‘the boss', provides a feeling of control that is vitally important to that person. No-one can call the shots when they are in the room as they hold all the keys, make every decision.

Whilst both these scenarios are very compelling (especially when they are combined), for many people the attraction eventually wears thin.

Over time, the value of money and power can leave a feeling of emptiness and lack of purpose.

In these cases, the challenge is to find out what really turns us on. What are the most important personal values each of us has, unique to us, that makes our world spin?

Look, there's nothing wrong with money, which provides for us and our families, and provides us with the core we need to do other things important to us in our lives.

There is a great positive for many in the power being a leader, in control of a team, a business or even a giant organization or country, when we use it for the right reasons and to add to many other's lives positively.

When we have a sense of emptiness at the end or our day, or a sense of weariness at the ‘day job', however well-paid and/or powerful it is, maybe it's time to take stock and consider where the gap is, between a dream job that will truly give us fulfillment and joy and the life we currently lead.

By carefully considering that, we can come to a much better understanding of what we need to do next to significantly improve the role we have, especially in the workplace.

Then we can plan effectively how we get there.

That ‘dream job’ is out there and waiting. For you; for me; for every one of us. The gap in the way we spend most of our days can be filled, often much more easily than we think.

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