Worry, Worry, Worry -- When Will It End

Cheryl Leitschuh

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Worry is the wonderful emotion that drains our energy. My experience is that worry focuses around two areas: 1) real issues that are so huge it seems we cannot ever solve it, or 2) issues that usually go away, with or without our worry. Whatever your worry category, the solution is the same. We need to understand our worry and identify what we can control and what we can’t.

Addressing worry is like cleaning out your closet. YUCK!! Who wants to spend time cleaning their closet?! Every day we walk by the closet with pangs of guilt as we realize it needs to be cleaned but refusing to spend the time. The guilt feels awful, but we live with the guilt rather than address the issue. Finally, when the moon is just right, we decide to clean the closet. In a short amount of time, the task is complete and how do you feel? Often, the feeling of success and satisfaction far outweigh the longstanding guilt of not addressing the concern.

Here are the action steps to clean out the worry and restore your energy:

STEP ONE: Make a list of five worries that are draining your time and your energy. By moving this worry from your head to paper, you can now work out the solutions rather than spin in the worry.

STEP TWO: Identify what you can do and what just needs time. As I mentioned earlier, some of the worries we have are handled by time. Some of the worry has legitimate substance. Some worries contain both. Identify it, as specifically as possible. The more specific, the easier the next step will become.

STEP THREE: Schedule time to address the “can do" items. Don’t delay!! Imagine the feeling of success and relief that will occur as you move forward with this list. Break the tasks into small steps and GET TO WORK!

STEP FOUR: Celebrate each item as you complete them. What a great use of your energy - Celebration!!!

Cheryl Leitschuh, Ed. D. is a coach and consultant creating environments of success for individuals, teams and organizatons.

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