A Moment to Breathe

Kimberly Markison

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You are reading this here and NOW for a reason. You need some space, a moment to call your own. You need to find your peace. I’m writing this to let you know you have found it: a moment all to yourself, a moment to take a nice, deep breath in, and release all the tension that has been building within you. Take another deep breath, filling your lungs all the way to the bottom, and then taking in a bit more air . . . then releasing all the air out, easily, smoothly all the way out. It may be helpful to count to ten as you breathe all the way in, and then count backwards from ten as you exhale all the way out. Now slowly bring your shoulders up to your ears, and release them down, letting them hang down by your side, allowing the ground to pull them toward the center of the earth.

Sit in stature with your arms down by your side, so that you can feel the support in your back, the flow of energy as you breathe in and out, releasing all stiffness or tension from anywhere in your body, down and out into the earth through the bottoms of your feet, and even out the palms of your hands or your fingertips. Just release the excess energy, allowing it to flow and move, knowing that you are your own best power-generator, and that you can create this moment of relaxation again and again, any time you wish.

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Kim Markison is a master hypnotherapist. Her lifelong path is to teach and show everyone how powerful and extraordinary they really are. To align with that path and purpose, she is creating unique, empowering hypnosis meditations for HypnoFreedom. Each one is designed for complete relaxation and stress relief, so no matter which one you listen to, you will always arrive at the center of your being to safely enjoy who you truly are.


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