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Learn Hypnosis By Following A Hypnosis Script

Dane Bergen

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A hypnotist has certain techniques they use to put someone in a relaxed so that their subconscious mind can receive certain instructions or information. The techniques they use have been proven to work and have been passed down from generation to generation. Not all hypnotists use the same techniques and some use more than one. If you are just starting out as a hypnotist, it can sometimes be hard to remember all of those techniques to put someone under. For this reason, many beginning hypnotists take to using a hypnosis script. A hypnosis script has everything you need to tell the person to put them under and it even has the instructions you should give them once they are finally hypnotized.

Don’t Pause, It Could Break The Person’s Concentration

When someone is under, or hypnotized, if you pause or stop what you’re doing to find what you need in some book, the person has the opportunity to wake and the spell will be broken. For this reason, it’s best to use a hypnosis script. Simply place the script in front of you so that you can glance at it whenever you get stuck. It’s important that you don’t read right from the script, however, as a reading voice can break the relaxed state that person is in. You should memorize the hypnosis script as much as you can and only glance at it when you need to. That way, you won’t have to take continuous breaks that may disrupt the person’s concentration.

A hypnosis script can be created using information you glean from books or it can come from an expert hypnotist. Ask an expert hypnotist, there’s sure to be one in your area, and ask him or her what you should say to put your subject under and what you should say while they’re in their hypnotized state. This way, you can have a hypnosis script that you know gets results. Try it on a few loved ones, such as friends and family, before you try it out on anyone you don’t know. Being a hypnotist carries a lot of power and you should practice thoroughly before you start hypnotizing people who think you know what you’re doing when you really don’t.

So, before you hypnotize anyone, make sure you have a hypnosis script handy. You can always refer to if in case you forget what you’re supposed to say and it will keep the person from waking up at an inopportune moment. Many beginning hypnotists use hypnosis scripts, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. Soon, one day, you won’t need to rely on a script and it’s then that you’ll know that you are becoming a master of hypnosis.

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