Can Crime and Hypnosis Be Related?

Dane Bergen

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Hypnosis is a practice where a connection is made with the subconscious mind in order to alter a pattern of thinking or acting in order to improve a state of health, relieve pain and/or improve one’s personality and self esteem.

Hypnosis has been used in medical practices and therapies on a number of patients in order to improve their present state when all other ways have failed, for example, hypnosis is used often to help patients deal with depression and/or terminal diseases.

How Can Crime and Hypnosis Be Related?

Because hypnosis works with the subconscious mind in order to alter it and change your thinking and behavioral pattern it has been suggested more than once that crime and hypnosis may be related, however no proof has been issued to sustain the claim. The problem in believing in crime and hypnosis is that usually it takes more then one session in order to change one’s way of behaving or thinking especially when dealing with crime like making someone commit a crime that is not in his or her nature.

Crime and hypnosis can be related however, when a therapist does not respect the wishes of the patient and does not follow the desired or requested pattern needed or requested by the patient to cure.

Again, crime and hypnosis can be connected when someone uses it to induce a pattern of thinking and/or change someone’s behavior without their consent or knowledge. However, it is very hard to perform hypnosis on someone without his or her knowledge and therefore it is not a common crime in hypnosis practice.

Practice Hypnosis on Yourself And Avoid Crime

Many people today practice hypnosis on themselves by using the help of CDs and DVDs as well as books for guidance and assistance; you can also find many online sites that will help you understand your body in order to perform hypnosis correctly and achieve desired results as soon as possible.

How Soon Can You See Results from Hypnosis Therapy?

Depending on your present state of health and stress level you can see results as soon as the first session or at times depending on what you are trying to improve can take as long as months. It is important that you follow the exact procedures and indications provided through the CD or DVD when practicing hypnosis on yourself and if you are following a hypnosis therapy, you must finish the required session in order to ensure the desired pattern has set in as you wanted.

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