The Priceless Value Of A Good Self Confidence Program


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We all have a certain level of self confidence. Without it we simply won’t be able to function in the world. We all need self confidence because without it we simply won’t be able to attempt or even do anything. So, what is self confidence really? Self confidence is your confidence or your sense of certainty in yourself. This confidence can be reflected in many different areas of your life and you might have confidence in certain areas, but lack it in others.

Brian Tracy, in his remarkable self confidence program, The Science of Self-Confidence, outlines the importance of self confidence in every area of your life. The ability to achieve your goals relies heavily upon your belief in yourself. Whether you belief you can or whether you believe you can’t, either way you will be right. What you believe and what you feel certain about is what you act upon – or what you fail to act upon.

We all need this sense of certainty in the things we attempt to do. Certainty makes us feel confident in our ability to deal with a situation. Without certainty we tend to hesitate as we are unfamiliar with what might happen. As human beings we ALL need a sense of certainty. If you lack that sense of certainty you will remain immobilized by your own lack of confidence.

I must admit that I was one of those people who firmly believed that one gets born with confidence. I mean, have you ever seen someone who is really self confident and truly self assured. They just seem so in control and so alive; as if nothing can stop them. Is this a ‘given’ or is it something you learn? The truth is that either way, we all want it and you probably can’t ever have enough of it. Only after investing in a good self confidence program did my perception of self confidence start to change – and thankfully so.

Self confidence is nothing but a state of mind. It’s an attitude and something that can be learned. Think about it - when you actually feel self confident it’s only a feeling isn’t it? It does not rely on anything outside yourself, but relies solely on the process of though and on how you organize ideas and response in your mind.

By learning to consciously cultivate these attitudes you can learn to be confident. Like building muscles, you systematically, purposefully build confidence in yourself until you learn to rely on yourself without hesitation. Building self confidence is a cycle that can either serve you or break you down even further. The self confidence-cycle is self reinforcing – the more you act on your doubts, the more confidence you build and the more confidence you have the easier it is to just do it with certainty, the more you are willing to do…and the cycle continues.

Investing in a good self confidence program will proof to be priceless as the process of building self confidence is not that straight forward. Self confident people have this ability to ‘switch on’ their self confidence in every area of life, even if they haven’t done something before or even if they feel fearful. Developing your self confidence has become an exact science. We now know exactly how the most confident people do and what they do to create that sense of certainty within themselves. This is not some quick fix or magic bullet strategy as some self confidence program might promise. It’s a quality that you must cultivate within yourself. What will change immediately though is your perception of yourself and that is the vital element in developing your self confidence.

Your ability to pursue your goals, to just do it and to succeed is directly related to your level of confidence in yourself and your own ability to be effective.

Regardless of what you want to be, do or have in your life – you will need self confidence. Without that inner certainty in yourself, you simply won’t have the necessary backup from within to be truly effective. Confident people radiate their certainty and they are attractive in more than one way. Self confidence is the key to turning yourself ON. Only when you learn to trust and believe in yourself can you really get the most out of yourself and activate your ability to create and direct your own life.

If you are looking to raise your own self confidence, Brian Tracy’s program The Science of Self-Confidence can help you awaken and develop that unshakable confidence and belief in yourself.


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Self Confidence - 7 Secrets Steps for Building Unshakable High Confidence
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