Positive Attitude: The Key to It is Love

Zack Lim

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What is the definition of positive attitude? Is it really that important to you? Can love really help me to have a positive attitude? What I will write in this article will be discuss on these question.

Firstly, positive attitude can be defined as having a state of positive mind that will be able to repel all the negative influences and taking action in a positive manner. It is a very important core skill as whatever things that we do all depends on our attitude. If you have a positive attitude towards everything that you see and do, life will be much easier for you as instead of always seeing problems, you will always see opportunities. Having a positive attitude is the foundation to success in life.

So the question now will be can love helps you to have a positive attitude? When you try to be more loving, you are actually bringing out the qualities of love. Now what you can try to do is to view loving as a choice. Whenever you are faced with a new problems or situation, do you choose the choice of loving or you choose the choice negative thinking? There may not be a kind of “loving feeling" behind the choice of “loving action" but you still take action. That is part of the decision to be loving.

If you wait for the loving feeling before you take loving action, you will most probably only take 2 or 3 loving action. So who is there to love so that I can constantly take loving action? The answer will be you yourself. The only person that will be with us for the rest of our life will be yourself. So why not start loving yourself today.

You can choose to love yourself, love all the flaws that you have, love the flaws that other people has. You can love anyone and anything, and then you will always be in loving. Love the problems that you will be facing so that the problems will feel it is being loved and it will not cause so much trouble for you. When you are constantly in the loving action, you will have no time to hate anything or anyone. The one word that will enable us to have positive attitude when negative thinking flares is Loving. So start loving and have a positive attitude today.

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