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9 Fast and Easy Ways to Show Someone You Care! You Can Do It!

Rosemary Horner

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Is your life busy and stressful? Are you often so concerned about getting the task done at work that you forget to take to time to encourage a colleague? Have you become distant to friends and family? Although you do care for others have you had time to show it? Are you even neglecting yourself?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions above then follow these 9 high impact steps to show someone you care.

1. Spend 15 minutes being quiet.

That means no TV, radio, ipod, NOTHING. If you pray, pray that you recognize and remember people you know who could use some of your caring. Create a list and systematically schedule them into your agenda in the next 15 days. It is also a good idea to maintain a notebook with the names, addresses, phone number and issues in case you want to send a quick card or package.

2. Schedule time for YOU

Choose a day in the week to spend time thinking about yourself. Try to identify your purposes, your passions and assess your potential. This will also give you an opportunity to reflect and relax. Decide when you will do something special for you and determine what that will be.

The letter “U" in the word attitude deserves special attention! Keep that in mind just in in case your thoughts want to drift to an attitude of negative self-talk.

As you take the time to re-focus on revitalizing and renewing yourself it will help you to have a more positive attitude. As a result YOU CAN CARE FOR OTHERS.

3. Schedule 10 minutes every other day to call someone who is sick and shut in, still dealing with the loss of a loved one, or out of work.

Ask them how they are doing and pause to LISTEN to the pauses, hesitations, or sighs in their voice, (Even if they say all is well)

4. Schedule time to visit at least one elderly person.

You would be surprised at the impact a short visit will make to an elderly relative or friend. Listen to what he or she has to say even if you have heard that same thing many times before.

5. Find someone at work that you can sincerely compliment.

So much time is focused on criticism and little time spent telling someone what they are doing right. People WANT to know that they are appreciated.

6. Develop a list of folks you have not corresponded with since you sent them a holiday card. (If you did not send a holiday care they really will be surprised to hear from you. )

Remember that notebook suggested in an earlier step? Find a section and add names of folks you intend to connect with. You could even take the stack of holiday and birthday cards someone sent you and list those names as a start. Drop them a note of encouragement or even an email if better than nothing.

7. Think before you SPEAK to a family member, spouse, friend or co-worker.

Sometimes we say the first thing that comes out of mouth. These may be words that hurt someone rather than heal them. Sure truth is important but truth should be shared without destroying the dignity or spirit of the person.

Try to think of the right words at the right time. Practice constructing words in your mind that HEAL that you can say to a person.

8. Put yourself in the shoes of the other person.

Close your eyes and imagine how you would feel if no one asked how your sick relative was doing. Or they really did not hear your response and tone of voice when you answered to the casually asked question “How are you?"

How would if feel if you were home with a long recovery and few people took the time to call, visit or write you?

9. Take the time to ask someone from another culture about their values, views and vision.

Recognize that person by sharing something with them they will appreciate. For example, if you know the kind of music they like surprise them with it at a special occasion.

I am certain you can come up with more action steps. Add any that you wish. Let them become a part of your regular routine.


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Rosie Horner is an inspirational keynoter.

Get a digital copy of her classic devotional, The Olympian Woman, at

Also, the primer on Client Care, “59 Ways To Show Our Clients We Care at

A must for any service oriented office.


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