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You Found Your Purpose - Now What?


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As a lightworker, you know that you are here to serve in some way. Have you recently started a practice, and now you’re wondering where all of your clients are?

You may have started out really well in your practice. You probably told all of your friends and family about your intentions. And they supported you by either purchasing your services or telling someone they knew and they came to you for help. But, after that initial flurry of activity, are you wondering what happened, and why suddenly, it appears as though everything came to a grinding halt?

The truth is, it is up to you to begin finding clients and attracting those that need your services to you. Yes, Law of Attraction will work, but you need to take action by extending your reach.

It’s a great start to contact friends and family. They can be a great asset to your practice. However, there aren’t enough people in your immediate circle to sustain your practice.

There are three simple strategies that you can implement into your practice to begin attracting more clients.

1. Choose a niche. Choosing a niche will help you focus your outreach efforts.

It’s true, as lightworkers, we can share our gifts with many people, and we can help anyone with our gifts. But, it’s really difficult to be heard in this great big Universe if you’re trying to reach everyone with your message.

Think about who you resonate with the most, and who resonates with you and start targeting those people.

2. Determine where members of your niche hang out, go meet them and get to know them. Once you get to know members of your niche you will know how to serve them through your practice.

For example, I’m an intuitive business coach and my niche is lightworkers who are just starting their practices. I hang out with my niche all the time, I hear their needs and I create services that truly help them solve their problems.

3. Start an e-zine. And if you already have one, actively promote it. By reaching out to members of your niche this way, you are actually building relationships with potential clients. They get to know you, and what your practice is all about. When you create services that meet their direct needs, they will be ready to work with you.

Another important thing is to be consistent. You need to be in front of your niche on a consistent basis so that they will get to know you, and they will remember you when the need for your products or services arises.

As lightworkers, it’s a challenge to balance service, sharing our gifts, and putting ourselves out there. You are here to serve, and nothing brings you more fulfillment than living your purpose. Use these strategies and find the clients who are waiting for you.

Jenn Givler is a Business Empowerment Maven. She teaches lightworkers and holistic practitioners step-by-step how to create a powerful practice. You can have purpose AND prosperity. Check out her e-zine:


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