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"Behold, I send you like sheep among wolves; be ye therefore wise as serpents and gentle as doves. " That's the Gospel Of Matthew(10:16), giving me a message that I am just beginning to understand.

It might be easier if everyone was a sheep, or a wolf, or a dove or snake. Then we would all be alike. When I look and see another being it would be just like me. It would be like looking in the mirror all the time. All I see is the same, all I feel is the same, and all I do is the same. Day after day I stay the same. No change, no diversity, no growth. The mirror never tarnishes, never cracks, never breaks. Life is a never ending sameness of consciousness.

Well, thankfully I am different, and all life is different in consciousness. In collective diversity I seek to experience myself. The first place I look is outside of myself, to what's around me. I see all this diversity and think it is not part of me. Education seems to make me believe that. Even my religious education taught me that I was separated from the God who created me. If I was disconnected from my creator, surely I wasn't connected to anyone or anything else, except my family. No sense in that. I lived for many years trying to figure all that out. Then I woke up. My life has purpose and meaning, when I rediscover, remember who I am. I must look within myself first and reconnect to my feelings. My feeling of wholeness have been covered by years of misunderstanding. Remembering that I was never separated from my creator, brings new meaning to all that I experience in the world. If I am connected to God, everyone is connected and everything is happening so I can experience myself and grow from the experience.

Every person I see as a sheep, is me teaching that love comes in gentle ways. The wolves I encounter are showing me the wolf that sits within me, the anger, fear and judgement I carry, but hide. The serpants that fight for survival, killing each other, is me learning another lesson about killing and death. Doves that fly in pairs, and live in unity and trust, show me that Love is, All There Is.

Wherever I focus my attention, I am looking in a mirror, experiencing, expressing and growing from what I feel. My journey is one of remembering, rediscovering who I am, and from the diversity I can achieve that quest. In remembering, I will give and share myself in order to expand. As I expand, my creator expands and the cycle of life repeats itself in Love.

Hal Manogue is a poet and author of Short Sleeves A Book For Friends. Insightful thoughts for the 21st century. His 2006 Collection and 2007 Collection are available in bookstores and on line. Visit Hal's website: or blog: for more information about his work and life. Download a copy of the new E-Book, “Unite To Write", a collection of articles from writers around the globe that will inspire and fill you with useful information. It's value is priceless. It's Hal's gift for you to enjoy.

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