Hypnotherapy With Reiki

Suzanne Zacharia

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Hypnotherapy, or hypnosis, is one of the most popular mind therapies for a quick change. The relaxation and positive suggestions made in hypnotherapy feel good. Hypnotherapy is often the first choice for giving up smoking, overcoming a phobia, losing weight, and increased confidence.

And there is something really nice about your hypnotherapist taking over and relaxing your mind. It feels good, and the results are good to enjoy too.

Sometimes, we need more than talking can achieve and still want to relax and have someone else do it all for us. Perhaps we need some extra TLC from more than just talk, as effective as this can be. This is when it is great to have a hypnotherapist who also practises Reiki.

Reiki is what in complementary therapy is called an energy. Energy healing involves your body's electromagnetism and so helps balance your mind and body's energetic flow. Often referred to as hands-on healing, it usually involves the channelling of healing through the healer's hands. Reiki can be felt as hot, cold, tingly, sometimes like a breeze or a wave, and may be felt near the healer's hands or at a different location. Reiki goes to where it is most needed, which may or may not be where you expect healing to occur. As with talk hypnotherapy, occasionally there is a healing reaction or an emotional release, although this soon passes. Reiki is very gentle and suitable for everyone.

A Reiki session can be easily integrated into your hypnotherapy treatment. Your hypnotherapist can start with the Reiki and allow the Reiki to flow, balancing your mind and body and facilitating change. Then the talk hypnotherapy can start as usual or expected. Or your practitioner may choose to have breaks in the talk hypnotherapy for Reiki when encountering a stubborn negative thought pattern for that extra energetic oomph. Some practitioners start with a 10-minute Reiki to centre you then carry on with the hypnotherapy, finishing with Reiki so you feel more grounded at the end.

An added bonus is that you may feel more deeply relaxed with the combination of Reiki and hypnosis. And that is always nice!

My name is Suzanne Zacharia and I am committed to spreading the word about health options. I believe that the more and better options one has, the more choice there is.

A virus caught along with 5 other students at university at the end of 1986, plus medical negligence, meant that I got smokers lung at a relatively young age. In desperation for help with my symptoms and quality of life, I turned to complementary therapy, and this is the 11th year I have outlived one doctor's prognosis.

I am now a complementary therapist, author and trainer specialising in “energy" therapy. My company is called New Age London, named by my clients, with some carefully-chosen experts in their fields working with me under the New Age London banner. More details via the links below.


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