Business Growth is Easier With a Heart Attack

Dan Nichols

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Where is your heart? I don't mean under the coffee table, behind the chair or anything like that. I in fact hope you know exactly what I mean. After years of introspection coupled with the opportunity professional business coaching affords me I have seen that the world is a lot more accessible to us in all pursuits when our heart is in the right place. Why do I write an article on this you wonder? Well, I write on issues entrepreneurs face and I intentionally address the psychology stuff because without a doubt success is more about the right mindset than a certain process and it is more fundamentally imperative to business success than your marketing or your management practices.

So, is it a stretch to address "your heart" in the context of business? Clearly not as your heart plays the biggest role in who you are and where you're going. I've edited a lot out for the sake of the article size so bear with me as I get candid. The last few months of my life this whole issue surrounding "my heart" has been coming up over and over. For starters when I first authored my "planning system" and began business coaching my heart was passionately flamed with wanting to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off to a great start. 2 years later I found myself somewhat bitter that I wasn't selling much online and without even realizing it, my focus had entirely shifted to me me me, not them them them. Thankfully my business coach that knows me best (my wife) pointed out that I had been completely and utterly absorbed in that product and was doing nothing to embrace anything else in the world. I was hanging on for dear life to "making it work". I was all gas pedal moving absolutely nowhere. For two years she had been telling me Dan - "you're more than Lemonade Stand Simple" (my business strategy system, my creation). Finally that day I heard her, I actually heard what she was telling me, I opened up and listened. Amidst a few tears I finally understood what she was saying. The world was passing me by as I blindly held on to this one idea. I had closed out the universe and only saw what I saw in my small little world. As Bob Proctor says so well - don't let go. . . let God. After all I am not the master of the universe but I am the creator and destroyer of my little world if I choose to be. Are you holding onto something so tighly it can't breathe anymore? Are you trying to force the universe to submit to your will?

The next lesson came when recently I was debating whether to go to a Christmas Party at an acquaintances home. I was debating who might be there and whether or not it would be worth my time to go. Hmmm what could I get out of it? Would there be any prospects there? Any potential coaching clients? As I stood in the kitchen I shared with my wife that I wasn't sure if it was worth going. She said and I quote, "maybe your hearts in the wrong place". I walked out of the room having been spoon fed once again some super wisdom from my wife, She was right on, my heart was in a place it doesn't function well at. My heart was me me me - my timetable, my universe. Going to this party was all about what was in it for me.

What came out of these two events specifically was my lesson to just "be". It was God calling on me to not be the entrepreneur looking to pick up a client, not be the funny guy with a quick line but just to go to this get together and just be human. HUE MAN - possessing all the shades of human. Not just one thing or one way. You see, we are something (whatever it is for you) for so long that we find it tough to just be. So I went and just took it all in, soaked up the experience, their humanity and enjoyed my existence with no particular motivation whatsoever. It's funny how when we can be present enough to reference this mode the world is simpler. The round hole gets more square, mean people are just people and times are no longer tough they're just times.

Though it's easy to slip back into the inefficient counterproductive role of "global manager" we should all be quick to recognize the infinite power we have when surrendering this selfish way of being. When we recognize that there is no they or them but only us (as awesome creations) we'll "get" what God intended for us which is peace, joy and love. When we can reference this calling to just be, we enjoy a slice of heaven on earth.

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Heart Attack Prevention What You Should Know About It
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