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"Will transformation. O be inspired with flame, where something eludes you, resplendent with change. " Ranier Maria Rilke was a turn of the 20th century european poet. His work has inspired me for several years. As you can see from his words, he certainly understood the need for change.

With the elections coming up, it seems the media is hot on the trail of a new leader. I watched a young, articulate, well educated, candidate on the news the other night and he appeared to be honest, caring, intelligent and perhaps a good choice to lead our country. Of course, at least 80% of us at election time feel that our candidate has these same qualities and yet when they are elected, we find ourselves still wanting change. The candidates themselves want change, but once they are in the position to make that change, other agendas surface, and we find confusion, distrust, and disappointment to be our change. As Rilke said, “be inspired by flame", the flame that burns in all of us. Truth is the flame and commitment is the change that sits within us, not the distorted truth that comes from the need to control. It seems we have been conditioned by our beliefs in commandments instead of commitments.

Commandments are in all Religions, mostly based on fear, judgement and sin. Those beliefs have not brought the changes we want to see en masse, although some of us are perfectly content in believing in them. That is everyone's individual choice. Let's say I change the word commandment to commitment, something I want to experience and express out of love and gratitude, instead of fear and anger. If I become the commitments, I will change and then the collective thoughts will begin to change. My intentions are created by Love, my truth, is Love.

Here are the 10 commandments as commitments:

1. I commit to freedom. Free to create my life in joy, enfolded in Love. I give and share the pure expression of who I am.
2. I commit to authenticity. I know I am connected to Source Love and that is who I am. Never doubting I co- create my world of truth physically and spiritually.
3. I commit to acceptance. Remembering who I am, and why I am traveling my physical path. I know all paths lead to the same Love, and that I desire to expand within that Love, as does all life.
4. I commit to relax. Knowing all is well. My love of self brings me to a place of peace, that guides me when my thoughts rest and being is.
5. I commit to wholeness. Being connected to all those around me, eternally in Love. Appreciating the thoughts of kindness given to me by all my earthly angels. I feel an everlasting gratitude for life.
6. I commit to forgiveness. First I forgive myself, and then in remembering forgiveness, all I perceive, is all I become, in a mirror of Love.
7. I commit to Love. To the union of two souls in truth. Understanding that love is free, without anger, fear, judgement or shame. Pure union of spirit manifested physically.
8. I commit to abundance. Realizing within myself, I can create a life of no needs. All There Is is waiting for me abundantly.
9. I commit to truth. That I am and will be true to myself first. Then all I see is truth, from my Source.
10. I commit to peace. My truth is knowing my life is peace, which creates wings of desire that fly with eyes of oneness.

These commitments change how I see myself. By experiencing and expressing my commitments, I will become them. I will be the change I want to see. It's already done!

Hal Manogue is a poet and author of Short Sleeves A Book For Friends. Insightful thoughts for the 21st century. His 2006 Collection and 2007 Collection is available in bookstores and online. Visit Hal's website: http://www.shortsleeves.net or blog: http://halmanogue.blogspot.com/ for more information about his work and life. Visit the website and download a copy on the new E-Book “Unite To Write" a collection of articles, written by writers around the globe, that will inspire and supply you with useful information. It's value is priceless. it's Hal's gift to you, to share.


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