Waiting, Wishing, Dreaming and Resting

Catherine Kasper

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It's January now. The holidays have come and gone and we have here, been marooned in a long series of dark days. The sun has not shown its face for weeks and I've often retreated to my tiny pantry/office/art studio to sit under the lamp with the bulb that provides full spectrum light like natural sunlight.

I crave the sunlight and crave the spring season I know will come. It is barely 2 weeks since the Winter solstice as I write this. Some days I feel I'd like to skip the entire season but would I if I really could? “Someday, I'm moving to someplace warm, " I've declared to anybody who'd listen winter after winter. I've never done it though.

This winter drab pulls creativity out of me. Whenever I can no longer stand the grey, I visit the library and borrow books by my favorite artists and look through them slowly, enjoying page after glorious page of full color.

I pull the paints and markers out, sit under the sunlight bulb and draw to my heart's content. The world I create on the paper is bright and happy. The reconnection I create with my inner wealth is immense. Image after image tumbling out of my hands and onto the paper, feeds my visual thirst.

If I skipped winter, where would I find the time and place to rest and draw and plan and dream up the future? If we skipped the “winter" season of investing, in which money sits and “rests" in order to gather interest, when would it beget more? If in our impatience, we demand that it “hurry up" and shove it into a speculative and risky investment would we allow it the resting time it really needs to grow? We wait and let it sit instead of pulling it out prematurely and losing its potential worth. We let it rest as we dream of what we'll be able to make it do for us in the future.

In light of this, consider how you could imitate the lesson the winter months teach us by taking your money and letting it sit. Where could you put it so that the interest will grow and accumulate? Where will it be safe and protected? What will you dream about doing with it when it's “matured" and really ready for you to use?

As you wait, wish, dream and rest until spring, purposely allow your invested money to do the same. As you go through the years, repeating the seasonal cycle over and over again, let it sit and draw interest. Save it. Savor it and enjoy knowing your small (or large) hoard is there, growing slowly as though alive.

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