"All In Together Now"-Additive Abundance

Catherine Kasper

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"It was stunning and that is an understatement, " I wrote to my sister. “I'd look at something and catch my breath and then slowly let my gaze slide to the next article in the case and audibly catch my breath again. There were diamond brooches from the Tiffany archives and necklaces made of 1" diameter pearls loaned from movie stars and a President's wife. There were rough cut emeralds in a Prince's crown so huge they looked like candy suckers. There were the most fabulous diamonds I have ever seen in my life and huge, deep blue sapphires sparkled as though they were alive. "

During my day trip to the Milwaukee Museum to visit the traveling collection of pearl and gemstone jewelry, I realized I'd actually left nose prints on the glass cases as I stared in awe. I could hardly look away from the brilliance of the thousands of pieces. It was my birthday that day and like a young girl, I imagined that I'd been lead, wearing my party dress and accompanied by my friends and family, blindfolded to the room. All of the pieces had just been given to me. They were all mine and I was as wealthy as King Solomon. I stayed in the gallery for hours, visiting and revisiting each piece, drinking in the visual beauty.

Each individual's abundance and prosperity can be combined in very similar ways to create literal or figurative wealth for all. As each of us takes our individual abundance and prosperity; in whatever form it presents itself, and blends it with that of others, the cumulative impact is huge.

So what can we each lend and combine with that which others lend to heighten the overall impact so others may benefit simply by being in its presence? Each institution or individual who lent the pearls from their collection eventually got them back again. Each lost nothing but assisted others to gain.

Circulating abundance and prosperity works as a communal activity. Your contribution, even when you are 100% certain of getting it back, raises the abundance level of all others. Keep your abundance circulating and put into a combined “traveling show. " What can you lend to a family member or trusted friend for awhile? What could you borrow? How could you both share and receive the wealth?

In many towns each year there are tours of old homes which the owners open to the public for a weekend. The profits from admissions typically benefit a charity or other worth cause.

Investment club members pool both their knowledge and their cash so all in the club may profit.

"Pot-luck" dinners and bake sales and holiday meals are all created by many people, each creating their special dish and bringing it to pass.

If I lent the ring I inherited from our grandmother to my sister and she lent the ring she inherited from our mother to me, would we each feel abundance in a way that was different from what each felt previously?

Obviously necessary loan documents aside, my point is this; you have abundance you can circulate by making the loan of it, interest or profit gained or declined, whichever you choose. What of your possessions or talents would you lend immediately? What of your possessions would you keep locked away? What abundance could you circulate by lending it? Our Grandma always lent her good jewelry to us for special occasions and she helped us feel like princesses.

When a person brings a valuable item to the Antiques Road Show and the appraisal of that item is featured on the TV show, the appraiser typically says something like this; “It's a lovely piece, thank you for sharing it with us. I truly enjoyed seeing it. " The fact that the item might be sold later is not important. The appraisers see beautiful and valuable items every day and probably don't covet most of them. They and the viewers gain something by simply seeing the beauty of the piece and appreciating its value. I have heard that people standing in line waiting for their appraisals show and thus share their items with each other. I'll bet everybody in the room feels wealthy as a result.

And if you owned a truly fabulous item such as a pair of the Ruby Slippers Judy Garland wore in the movie, The Wizard of Oz, would you be able to lend them? When next you view a show of fabulous items, put yourself into the donor's shoes. How would it feel to allow something priceless that you owned tour the world for a year or so? Would you be devastated as the owner of the pair sent to the Oz festival in Kansas most likely was when they were stolen?

There is always risk in throwing anything into the mix, be it you heart, your money or your irreplaceable item. When much is ventured, much is gained. Still, we are always asked to venture much. We do and we become wealthy. Others do and we become wealthy. Who truly possesses; the one who owns and shares or the one who benefits from the sharing?

Copyright© 2007 Catherine M. Kasper

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