I'll Leave the Light On For You

Catherine Kasper

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Enough. I'd had enough. Every time I sat on the living room couch it seemed that someone walking past was peering into the window. I'd look up and catch someone quickly looking away. It felt invasive yet I didn't want to close the curtains every time a person walked by as there always seemed to be someone out there taking her exercise no matter what time of day it was. Besides, I liked the view. I'd bought the house for many of the same reasons people chose the neighborhood to walk in. Its quaint, charmingly historical houses seemed to call to me. What I, oddly enough, hadn't realized is that they called to everyone else as well.

How could I, I wondered, turn this annoyance into something different? I wanted to sit on the couch and read, to look out the window and still have the light come in, but I wanted to screen myself from the passers by.

Well what if, I asked myself, when they looked at the window they'd see something right behind the glass that would capture their attention, appear welcoming and homey yet protect the people inside the room from feeling invaded? And, even better, what if I could take that a step farther and put something in the window that attracted the walkers instead of boldly saying, stay away?

The solution was simple. I set a table under the window and put one of my most beautifully painted china lamps on it. I set a full, leafy plant in a red vase and a bright orange jar candle in the window next to the lamp. I swagged the curtains back so they framed the arrangement. I turned the lamp on and went outside.

I walked up to the corner and there it was, the scene in the window that seemed to say, “Welcome home, I've left the light on for you. " Now, when the people looked they didn't see me in the room although they easily could have. Instead, because their attention was captured and held by the light right at the glass, they saw the beautifully simple arrangement instead of actually looking further within the room.

By capturing their attention and focusing it on the light right at the glass, I stopped them from looking inside and provided more privacy for myself. I protected both the interior of my room and my ability to freely see outside. I gave them something that satisfied them visually, something they must have been looking for every time they passed this way. I gave them something and that something was free and cost me nothing. All I'd done was rearrange the furniture.

What can you rearrange in your life and put in a new place that costs you nothing, yet satisfies someone's curiosity enough so that they don't dig around in your personal affairs? What simple thing can you put in place as a beautifully protective measure that clearly defines the boundary lines of your abundance yet satisfies? How can you attract others to your business and not feel expected to give everything away for free?

Lightworkers tend to think that their skills and the products and/or services those skills create should be given away for free or next to nothing. They are usually kind souls who have open hearts and great love for everybody. They leave themselves open to the subtle or not so subtle invasion of others, give so much away they are barely able to support themselves and then ask the Angels for the winning lottery numbers because they never seem to have any money.

Try this “light in the window" approach. Put an attractive, yet protective something in place to call customers or clients in and watch them flock to you. Offer one thing that your customer finds valuable because it meets a need or solves a problem for them for free. They'll figuratively tap on the glass to get you to let them have more. They'll buy everything you have to offer and ask what else you can do as well. They'll give you their repeat business and send others your way.

I imagine I hear the walkers say, “When we walk today, let's walk past that peachy yellow house with the pretty lamp in the window. I'm going to live in a house that looks like that someday. " And when they ask me how I got to live here, (i. e. do what I do for a living) I'll have a ready answer. When they ask you how they can have a business similar to the one you have, you'll have a ready answer too.

I'll leave the light on for you.

Copyright 2007, Catherine M. Kasper

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