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Catherine Kasper

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"I'm psychic, " I said to myself while paying for the gasoline I'd just put into the car. “I heard the Angels of Abundance remind me to buy a lottery ticket as I drove up to the pump. It surely MUST mean I'll win the 180 million dollar Powerball drawing tonight. "

Smugly, I handed my dollar to the clerk and accepted my “quick pick" numbers. As I don't often buy lottery tickets and I had unmistakably felt the nudge from the universe to do so, I figured heaven had something good in store for me, something very good. Would I win?

Realistically, I knew my thoughts bordered on the delusional. I knew that Angels do not dabble in the lottery. I knew that I held no favored status with the powers that run the universe. Still, I hoped. For many years, I'd been given thousands of messages and helped thousands of people through doing Angelic Abundance tm Angel Readings. I'd been directed to buy a ticket and someone was going to win all that money. Would it be me? Why wouldn't it be me? Didn't I have an “in" that would open the doors to such privilege? Wouldn't I use the money to make the lives of others better?

Obviously, I didn't win the 180 million. I didn't even win my dollar back! I was confused as I knew I'd been guided to buy a ticket. Was something bigger than the lottery afoot? Did I receive the nudge (that was clear as a bell) to purchase the ticket for some other reason? I asked the Angels about it and what they said opened my eyes.

I am chagrined to admit that they told me I bought the lottery ticket because of my fear of lack. Thinking I could simply relax for once if I had millions of dollars in the bank served as a quick opiate of sorts. Through it, I enabled myself to dream. In dreaming, I abdicated responsibility for my future financial success, if only for a day. Instead of sitting down and creatively doing the work I'd carved out for myself to do, I'd sought release and escape.

There was no judgment about this. Millions of people play the lottery. The lottery is a game and games are fun to play. Imagining I could be the winner is part of the game. I'd only spent a dollar, not my life savings.

As I held that ticket in my hand in the hours before the drawing, I imagined what I would do with that much money. I imagined my joy at winning. I imagined driving to claim my prize, hiding out from the media, and the good I'd do in the world as I spent and invested the money. I wondered how, if I did not win, I could feel that same intensity of imaginative experience towards the things I do for the actual exchange of money.

The Angels recommended this easy exercise and I share it with you here:

  • In your minds eye, hold a talent or skill of yours that is symbolic of your life. Pretend it is a ticket to a new infusion of money energy for you. In your mind, walk through the steps you'd take to use this talent or skill to bring new money energy to yourself just as you did with the actual lottery ticket.

  • Imagine then, that you easily see money as the energy it is. Imagine the tidal wave of money energy using your talent or skill will bring to you as being exactly the same as the tidal wave of money energy a lottery would bring.

  • Now, imagine that your bodily energy matches the money energy. Imagine every detail of how that money energy will work for you. As you become the money energy, you become your own money. You and the money energy are one and the same. Really focus on this picture. As you become accustomed to being the manifestation of your own money, you'll realize that it is your own energy put into physical form that manifests as cash, checks, and deposits into your bank account.

  • Amplify the money energy you now personify. Put that energy into using the talent you pictured that you'd love to do. Move that energy to have it manifest in the physical. Begin to exchange the use of that skill or talent for money. In time, you will find you have created a new, albeit tiny, business for yourself. Carry on and watch it grow. Put more and more energy into your new business and money energy will return to you.

    And that is why the Angels prompted me to buy the ticket. They wanted to remind me to experience the mental and spiritual tidal wave of money energy again. What's more, they wanted me to invest a token and largely symbolic amount to further investigate their nudge. They wanted me to re-experience the exchange of money for information. What is it they want you (taking a free ride on my dollar!) to exchange money for?

    Copyright© 2007 Catherine M. Kasper

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