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Life is what we make it- a timeless adage that holds true through the ages. We can hold the world in our hands, even if only for a fleeting moment. Our perception of the world is one aspect when the focus is on illusions which becomes our reality. This is limiting the scope of our world.

We live in a world of infinite possibilities, if only we try to understand the essence of what life offers beyond illusions and the pursuit of material prosperity. We can look deeper and appreciate the beauty Nature offers; use it as a means to find inner peace, quiet and balance.

There is a more meaningful reality when we look at the world beyond what the eyes can see; find depth in our lives beyond the demands of our physical needs . See the world in its beauty and bounty, amid chaos and disorder.

Nature is all around us; it is there to help us connect with the world . This is the vision of the world in the circle of time. Surely, it helps to have financial stability. It is very difficult to reach full potential amid the daily struggle of wondering where or when the next meal will come. It is disconcerting to live under the cloud of insecurity of losing the roof over our heads, our jobs and other concerns of our human existence. We need to address the basic needs of life.

Conflict comes when man sees only the material needs that demand his attention, at times to the exclusion of the inner needs of the spirit. The necessities of Life go beyond the fulfillment of material/physical needs.

The world offers the four elements of air, fire, water and earth to sustain us, to nurture us. Man has to learn to draw upon these elements as a guide to seek balance in life. Balance brings inner peace and harmony, clears the mind of needless chaos and confusion, resulting in errors of judgment, choices and ultimately wrong decisions.

Balance means moderation- too much of any of the elements is to flirt with disaster. We need rain but too much of it means disastrous flooding. Too much sun (fire can leave the earth parched and barren. We enjoy a gentle breeze, but high winds can rip structures apart. We need earth to build our homes and plant our food. Mudslides, earthquakes and the like can bury us.

It is in our human nature to wallow in times of success or failure. Many spend precious time going around in circles, scattering their energy due to lack of focus or lack of understanding of the situation, or the inability to look deeper into the cause of the problem, much less acknowledge it. Problems can only be as overwhelming as we let them.

Remember that life goes in cycles, nothing lasts forever. There would always be bumps on the road, at times, these can pave the way to inner growth. These can help to direct us to find true meaning in life and appreciate what we have, apply the gifts, the skills and talent we are endowed with.

Look deep within, and sometimes you will find the answer, this is one message of the World- we are endowed with the tools we need, the positive energy is within us, but we have to sit still and listen to our inner selves.

Celebrate life. Dance to a distant drummer by listening intuitively to the pulse of universe. It helps to gain mastery or the ability to handle a new situation. The world does not stand still.

Bonnie Moss writes to inspire and to motivate her readers to explore the depths of their heart and soul and make a difference in this world. She draws from personal experience and her interest in the New Age Visit her website :


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Success and Other Illusions
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