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What is Child Sexual Abuse?


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Sexual abuse, assault and rape all involve someone else who is more powerful, imposing *** acts on a child who cannot stand up and say NO. They have no voice because the other persons’ will is forced onto them!

It might happen only on one occasion or more normally on a regular basis, maybe even over a period of years, but whatever form it takes, it is wrong and you are never to blame; you did not chose this to happen to you, it was beyond your control. Child Sex Abuse, as all types of abuse, involves the misuse of an older person's power over a child. A child is not equal in physical strength or understanding, and cannot give consent, legally or otherwise.

Child *** abuse, assault, and rape are all criminal offences but often go unreported usually because of fear or repercussions from either other family members or the abuser, and sometimes because we feel so guilty ourselves for allowing it to happen in the first place but YOU are not to blame no matter what “they" or anyone else tells or says to you!

If you know someone who has been abused in the past or may be you know someone who is still being abused.

I suffered for a many years and even after it stopped I still had many issues which I couldn't come to terms with:

1. Why me?
2. What did I do wrong?
3. Am I too blame?

I felt guilty, ashamed, “I must have some how encouraged him to do this to me", was what I used to be thinking all the time!

I tried to blank it all out and push it to the back of my mind, but it never went away until I got professional help and started to talk and write about my own experiences and to realise I was not alone, as this happens to lots of children, teenagers and young adults.

My aim in life is to help is now to show others they are not alone and that you can get through this awful thing that has happened to you, it is never too late to start again.

You can release those pent up frustrations and the anger, which I know only too well, can build up and take over your whole being.

When you have been abused, it can take a long time to come to terms with it and to start to put your life back together.

Maybe you have been too afraid to tell anyone, or maybe the person you told didn't believe you, but I will; why would you lie about it?

It may have happened once, it may have been going on for months or even years.

Take the next step and find a professional who can listen and help you through this ordeal. I have read some excellent books on the subject which helped me so much, books like ‘The Courage to Heal’ by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis. This books gives lots of accounts of people just like you who have suffered at the hands of someone else.

Lastly, always remember that you are not alone! The statistics show that: one in three girls and one in four boys has been *** abused, and often by someone they trusted, maybe a member of their own family, or even a close friend!

Don't let it ruin your life forever, you can survive this and go on to live a normal life, we are here to help you but YOU have to take the first step!


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