How to Really Seduce the Woman You Want

Vince Runza

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Most guys are at a loss when it comes to the woman they really want. “Seduce" is a nice idea, but what does that really mean? Can they really seduce the woman they want without scamming her? How about “buyer's remorse", either yours or hers? What about learning to seduce more than one woman at a time? Is that really possible?

It's just a question of experience. If you have no real experience with the mechanics of meeting really desirable women (the ones you actually want for yourself, not the ones your buddies want), you're going to be as stuck as a kid in algebra with a pop quiz in front of him he never studied for. Trust me, you can't just do the instinctive thing and get it right the first time. More often than not, the instinctive thing is the WRONG THING.

Sure, we're susceptible to instinctive behavior, but most of us have screwed up our instincts with social programming, bad advice from others, negative attitudes from rejection, etc. “Just be yourself" is bad advice if you're having an identity crisis, right? It's the same for when you actually seduce the woman you really want.

You may not want to hear this, but you need to do field work. You have to get up, massage the waffle print off your butt from sitting at the computer and go talk to some women. More importantly, you have to have an outcome in mind, a specific outcome. Only you know where you are on the path to learning all the steps. There's plenty of information available on what they are, when to take them, how to move along to the next step and close the deal.

It's up to you to take the action.

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How To Seduce A Woman - Amazing Tips
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